AT&T Sees Verizon's "Map for That", Raises Lawsuit

Verizon's "Map for That" ad was witty and kicked AT&T right where it hurt most -- right in the network. AT&T, naturally, didn't find it so amusing and has now decided to take Verizon to court. Engadget has been covering (and updating the coverage) today, and here's where it stands:

  • AT&T complained that the original ad was misleading, saying customers could still use iPhones outside of 3G coverage (on EDGE).
  • Verizon has apparently already changed the ad once, adding some small print to disclaim the above.
  • AT&T still isn't happy, thinks Verizon is confusing customers, and thus is sicking the lawyers on them.What do you think? Were you confused, or were you too busy laughing (or crying, if you live in SF or NYC).
Rene Ritchie

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