Top 5% of data users on AT&T starting to see speeds throttled

AT&T has been warning the top 5% of iPhone data users on their network for a while now that they'd start throttling their speeds. TiPb reader David, who previously got the infamous SMS nasty-gram, just received it again and since then can't seem to get download speeds any faster than an EDGE-like 150Kbps.

His friends and co-workers are still getting full speed, ruling out a tower problem.

I called AT&T because I thought it was an issue with them and I did a trouble shooting session on the phone. After finishing they asked if I received any text from them and I replied "yes" and told them which one and that's when AT&T told me "problem solved". I asked how do I go from 14mbps to straight EDGE, bypassing 7.2mbps, and they couldn't reply

Are you one of the top 5% who've previously received warnings from AT&T? Have you experienced any throttling this severe?