AT&T "Sets the Record Straight" with 2 New Anti-Verizon Commercials

AT&T has just revealed two new commercials that again, take aim at Verizon. Did you really expect anything different? Both of these new ads star Luke Wilson just like the "Side by Side" commercial that debuted last week. As you can see above, "Two Phones" concentrates on the fact that you need two phones to talk and surf the Web at the same time unlike on the AT&T network. To be fair, AT&T left out the fact Verizon customers could actually use WiFi if the phone supported it. We're just saying...

The other commercial, "Postcards", highlights the fact that AT&T's network covers 97% of Americans. As much as I enjoy my AT&T service they failed to mention a decent amount of that coverage is EDGE only.

[Thanks for the tip Gregg!]

View the other commercial after the break!

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  • First
  • Hahah verizon powned. Anyway id make an. Hi im an att and im a verizon kinda way add like apples would be funny
  • LOL! I saw the post card ones during the Giants gameo n fox. I'm happy they made the commercial in the first video because I think that's a major flaw. however, in the places ATT has edge, you can't do that. Soo I guess each network has their advantages and disadvantages.
  • I love how they have that shitty phone that just about no one would buy at the end of the commerical. Put an iPhone there :D
  • RON JEREMY SAYS this Swordfighting between verizon and AT&T is getting old. Come up with some new shiate already.
  • Well, talking on the phone and surfing the web would be useful if AT&T actually allowed me to tether with my iPhone. Otherwise, it really isn't necessary.
  • The first one would've been even better if there was also an AT&T user telling someone via Bluetooth that they're email is on the way — in case some people watching this asks themselves "what good is using the internet while I'm busy talking to someone?"
  • Ooops... I meant "their email"
    Also, because I think many people will be wondering how AT&T users can even surf the web when their phones are up to their head.
  • How about a "call you back" commercial where one folk is on the phone with another discussing where to meet or nearest hang-out and address, decides to call back because apparently he can't run location-based apps while on the phone. And because the place and address are too long to remember, decides to call in now and then every bit of information that pops into his VZW phone, while the other (ATT) guy is happy he can run apps while on the phone with that VZW guy.
  • The map one is good. The one where you can surf online while on the phone is good but kinda unneccessary and was kinda stupid. The map
    one was awesome tho. Way to put the record straight AT&T!!
  • That map doesn't show 97% of America, it looks more like 75% at the most and that's a stretch. The guy that's doing the commercials is cool though.
    The funny thing is, both company's are highlighting their own pros while highlighting the other cons. We could put these commercials side by side and get the full story.
  • Postcards?? Really?? Just when I thought their commercials couldn't get any worse. They release this crap. Nice going AT&T, you seriously need to fire your ad agency.
  • Wow, those commercials are really stupid.....and a little desperate if you ask me. hahaha
  • Verizon was talking about 3G coverage to be fair.. But I'm still fine with AT&T. And I left Verizon for the iPhone.
  • @TK
    he says they cover 97% of americanS as in the population of america not the land itself
  • Verizon does have a little bit better coverage but i can honestly say that they're the worst when it comes to pricing and phone selection and don't even get me started with their customer service. they're the same people who locked peer to peer bluetooth so you can't send friends ringtones, plus the droid is a complete waste of money IMHO, wait a few months and there will be a flood of new android 2.0 phones that will do the same things, and the droid is the ONLY cutting edge thing that verizon offers so thats not saying much... so droid aside, theres NOTHING that verizon can offer me that any other service can as far as new tech and gadgets.
  • I actually have sprint, but the point that ATT tries to make with the Postcard commertial is knida dumb. The point that they are missing is that, while many cities do have 3G, Verizon has much more 3G coverage, smaller towns and highways between the cities.
  • And really Postcards? Must be because they didn't have enough coverage to send an email or text message! Lol jk
  • Sure you can use data and voice simultaneously, but only on 3G. The point made in the second ad - that AT&T may not have a lot of 3G but they have a lot of EDGE - kind of invalidates the first ad.
  • Verizob ads were way better than these crappy ads done by AT&T
  • I think verizon is just stupid for trying to make AT&T look like the bad guy here cause they are jelous that AT&T has the iPhone. Something verizon could have had if they would have not tried to push apple to lock the os down for verizons crappy vz navigator and worthless rhapsody content
  • I agree with raj. And Att did a great job by showing that map commercial lot of people out there don't know the difference between 3G coverage and edge so they thought that spoty coverage was all Att had! Keep up the good work Att. IPhone is the best even droid gives some competition..
  • They didn't say they covered 97% of America, they said 97% of Americans. A LOT of people live in concentrated big urban centers.
  • not great ads, but probably good enough for now.
    the "call you back" idea proposed in the comments here is better than the "two phones" slapstick.
    postcards are good, but he's tossing them around nonchalantly. it has the feeling of calling towns junk, and of shifty impermanence.
    Luke Wilson is the perfect personality to sell this idea though. They should keep him on and do some different ads. Take another kick at the can.
  • Ads suck.
  • The postcards commercial is good. It is factual and does it in a nice way.
    The simultaneous voice/data one though reeks of childish anger. Like they're pissy Verizon threw the first shot.
    All in all these commercials are just silly. I wish these companies would just focus on strengthening their network and getting better selection of phones. Because honestly...without the iPhone or the Droid, AT&T and Verizon have a piss poor lineup.
  • NOT TRUE. I have the Verizon Wireless Droid…just switched from a blackberry & waiting for iPhone to come to VZW…hopefully…anyways…I talk and surf the web at the same time all the time on my phone so I have no idea what they are talking about…
  • Wooow, now THAT... is reaching. Face it. Verizon beat em to the punch and everything that AT&T throws afterwards is going to be a miss and a fail.
  • @ Bridgette, then you are amazing. You are able to do something that is technologically impossible for CDMA phone to do in the US. As for the iPhone coming to Verizon, get very comfortable, you'll be waiting a long time I am betting.
  • @ Scottae316
    She may mean (or not consciously know) that she's on wifi. And thus well... you know, blabla, you can surf internet while doing voice. Over wifi. With Verizon. With the Droid. Her droid.
  • @ Bridgette: pls don't post with out knowing WTF u r talking about! Next time turn off ur wifi and try! And Verizon will get the iPhone 3rd quarter of 11' according to my Att rep...
  • As if EVERYONE desperately and absolutely had the need to "talk and surf" at the same time.
  • That really improves the dropped calls and the no g speed away from the city.
  • I use voice and data at the same time enough that I won't go with a carrier that CANT do it. Chatting with a friend on the phone and looking at a map to help decide where something is or where to eat is awesome. ESPECIALLY if you are traveling. Talking with your girlfriend and want movie times? Helping someone on the phone find their way? These things you CANT do with Verizon because you cant talk and use data at the same time.
  • "I talk and surf the web at the same time all the time on my phone so I have no idea what they are talking about…"
    she's probably connected to the internet over wifi.
  • Cool
  • I don't know what at&t was trying to prove with those adds but in no way has it shown why at&t is better then Verizon. I'm not talking sides cause I'm with Sprint but if at&t wants to get back at Verizon they will have to do better then that, mention how successful the company is how its iphone outsells all competitors the app store with thousands of apps. Come on at&t you guys have to beat Verizon at their own game, their the highest priced phone company out there throw. That in their face, they don't e en have roll over minutes
  • You can talk and surf at the same time. But only in the limited areas that Verizon is "Mapping" about. Their point exactly. I have Sprint. I'm good.
  • Yeah apparently they are doing something like caching their maps or something so you can pill them up while your talking on the phone.
    Verizon also wasted their money making it look like they had the Driod exclusively. Motorola pulled a fast one and it's coming in AT&T bands early next year. So they still won't have an exclusive phone.
  • ATT is boss. Just finished a four day trip that involved a lot of driving through unpopulated areas. No problems with my iPhone signal, and with backgrounder installed I ran tomtom, talked, texted, and ran the iPod all at the same time. Kinda invalidates the whole iDont multitask thing huh? With all of my family and friends across the country rocking ATT why would I care about lousy Verizon? Furthermore why are there non-iPhone owning Verizon users reading an iPhone blog anyway, let alone commenting on it? Methinks you wish you were one of us, but have decided instead to hate what you'll never have. Now go back to your corner and cry.
    Shotgun to the Face
  • @ Gregg: They have LG Chocolate as an exclusive phone. LOL! They just had an TV add saying exclusive to verizon or something like that...
  • Indeed shotgun...
  • Everyone that points out that "but most of that coverage is EDGE only," the problem with that argument is that Verizon also has two different speeds on its network. It just calls them both "3G." One part of the network operates at a similar speed to AT&T's EDGE network (slightly faster but not enough to really make much difference) and then the other part (a much smaller part, much like AT&T) operates at a similar speed to AT&T's 3G network.
    So while Verizon does have more "3G" coverage that is an extremely misleading statement because most of their coverage is in the "barely 3G" category, while AT&T's EDGE network is considered a "2.5G" technology. The difference in speed is not significant, and they are both significantly faster than a dial-up connection...
    EDGE - up to .4mbps
    Verizon's slower 3G technology - .4-.7mbps
  • AT&T against Verizon in a marketing campaign? Very ballsy of AT&T considering Verizon's huge budget for advertising. Should be an interesting bout! Good luck to all as either way I'll stay entertained.
  • @Bridgette: You can't talk and do data like surf the web at the same time with Verizon. You CAN if you have wifi turned on. Your using your phones radio for voice and the wifi radio for data. You can't do that out on the go though. I often do both at the same time coordinating with others, and often don't have an access point available.
  • Some people can get mad that others talk about at&t. The company is bull**. One person from Sprint made a comment he was jus trying to give pointers.I have and my brother has the iPhone3gs(I meaning ignorant cause that's what the phone is. You have to be in a 3g network to be able to call and. get on the web at the same time so what's the difference if cdma company's has to use wireless. We have more coverage. If at&t didn't have the iPhone it would be nothing and with these other companies coming out with phones that have features that put the iPhone to shame, what will happen then. At&t's main focus is the iPhone witch is stupid. No inovation, nothing that anybody would want. My palm pre let's me surf web, check e-mail,text, and talk on the phone at the same time and i dont wireless for that. The droid does the same through WiFi but who care it can still do it. Unless the brokedown company can come up with something new to define itself I say ** at&t
  • WOW in the second commercial the first city he said was spokane WA thats were i live!!!
  • These commercials are simply about damage control. AT&T wants to eliminate what they consider to be confusion from Verizon's attack ads. Being that this is the objective, the commercials work well enough. They aren't as clever as the Verizon stuff but it doesn't really matter. Remember that the target audience does not frequent tech blogs.
    Were any of us persuaded by the Verizon ads? No. Will the AT&T ads be any more convincing? No. We know what's going on because we are more interested than anyone else.
  • I'm overseas so carriers is a mute point. Which phone is better? No drouds herebso can't try one. Love my iPhones. Seamless and so easy to use!
  • Why the fk would you be on "THE IPHONE BLOG" if you have a shiy useless palm pre. And for a power user like myself I do voice and talk all the time. And coverage is no problem. Five bars 3g all the time. And im sure there are others that due as well. As far as verizon I had them for 1 year and etf'd it to muc bullst with them. Dropped calls "no service" on the top of my screen when I leave my home. And everytime I had a problem which happened all the time being phone or billing garbage customer service. I even went so far as to tell the guy at the store to fk off. I will not be leaving at&t anytime soon. And for the morons talking about the iphone being on verizon. I hope they do get it and I will laugh my fking ass off when they have problem after problem. Plus they will but there garbage brand on it and fk with the os. Who wants that?
  • You people that don't have AT&T you wish you had a iPhone. The iPhone is number #1 enough said. !!!!!!!!!!iPhone iPhone iPhone AT&T AT&T AT&T !!!!!!
  • I did tech support for the treo on verizon a few years ago and have to say even though there network is pretty fast there were people who did complain they couldn't talk and surf. I think the first ad will reach some people I know iwas at least amused.
  • att does not sell one non 3g phone since 08, why the fuck are they not upgrading the network to 3g.
  • The Reason At&t is doing this add is not because of 3G. Its because most customers are not Data users but voice and texting only plans. For those individuals 3G means nothing and while many on this blog do not understand this Data users are a vast minority,
    Despite Verizon Wireless's claim about 3G vs 3G most customers do not know what the hell 3G is about. For the tech savvy 3G is simple but for most people that do not have Data plans nor knows what 3G even stands for the VzW ads just means At&t has a tiny coverage area...
    Hate At&t as much as you like these ads are made for the customers that do not give a shit about Data and only want dumb phones...
  • oh ps they should of used beer caps not post cards since well why send a post card when they are a phone call away :P
    and i first saw it during the giants game.
  • These ads are so stupid. There really reaching the bottom of the bucket.
  • the map one is a huge lie, according to the map i can get a att phone. well i cant the website wont even sell me one. and when a relative with att came to visit there phone said no service, but according to the commercial there was plenty. what a lie ATT
  • While a lot of you guys have valid points for the at&t vs verizon debate, these ads are just pointless. Here's why:
    Not too many people talk and use the internet at the same time. Those that do, are in the advanced smartphone users group. Which also means they're the one's who are most likely going to multitask. So while all iPhones can use talk and surf, which is a form of multitasking, most iphone users can't multitask beyond that. Don't believe me? Start Pandora and see if you can listen while doing something else. This is where Verizon took the first shot and won. At&t's response didn't satisfy that point. This is also the reason I tossed my iPhone for the G1 with T-mobile. I still get to talk and surf while running other apps in the background. The only downside, is that when t-mobile runs out of coverage, I'm stuck with at&t roaming; and at&t's network just stinks from being oversold.
    Furthermore, Android supports multiple radios simultaneously. Meaning, that Verizon and Motorola could include a second CDMA radio in the phone and Android on CDMA would be able to talk and surf at the same time. Point to at&t but an easy fix for Verizon.
    Now, iPhones could do the same thing for at&t's EDGE, but most likely won't happen as GSM networks require a seperate sim card for each radio. Apple would also be forced to implement the dual-sim management into the OS. Not hard to do but hard to perfect. Because Android is developed by a wide variety of cell phone and network manufactures, who have been in the game longer than Apple, the OS will be better at getting the basic functions of the cell phone down; something Apple will continue to swing and miss (remember how it took two years to get MMS fixed).
    The iPhone is a great phone, but it's falls short of being a true smartphone out of the box. With a little tweeking it can suffice but at the expense of the warranty and and any chance for technical support. Verizon's ads are target to specific groups. The droid ads are aimed at advance smartphone users (blackberries, windows mobile, palm, symbian) and not so much to iPhone users. (Most iPhone users don't really know Droid or any Android phone for that matter.) The Droid commercials are tying to say: get iPhone like features and apps, but don't give up features that your current smartphone has (like true multitasking and physical keyboards). Android devices won't chip away at iPhone users, it'll chip away at the other smartphones; something iPhone just can't do yet. If you don't believe me, ask a true Blackberry fan or any multitasking smartphone user how they're enjoying the iPhone experience.
    AT&T is fighting to defend itself because its network has been oversold and with 4G netowrks on the way, it seems pointless to catch up their 3G network. iPhone users seem to not mind buying the same phone (with only small changes) as a new phone every year. So when they start rolling out 4G, they just have to ensure the new onslaught of the most popular phone is backwards compatible.
    The fear that Apple should be worried about, is what I call the RAZR effect. The RAZR was a hot item when first released. It too was initially exclusive to a handful of carriers. But once they opened up to more carriers, and had so many phones in the public hands, the phone tanked and now you can't give them away. If the iPhone doesn't open up to trully compete with actual smartphones, then it will become the next RAZR: Everyone wanted one, everyone got one, everyone threw them away.
    I now this post is long, but all this bickering over iPhone vs (insert phone here) is getting tiring and old.
  • Absolutely Fail.
  • Why do we even have non-iphone users on this blog? I bet you have always wanted one but couldn't huh? So instead you hate with raging fury the thing you couldn't have. Give it up, come on and kill the anger, give yourself a 3GS this season.
  • They're also doing this with web ads now apparently
  • Hahaha,'ve got some issues buddy. Also type fail.
  • non iPhone users want to be iPhone users simple as that, I've been here since the original 2g iPhone, and I just became an AT&T customer when the 3gs was released, I've been with Verizon, Sprint/Nextel(both on CDMA and IDEN), and I've had my best experience with my iPhone, there is no way i could possibly go back to using a physical keyboard on a phone after using the intuitive iPhone keyboard...
  • Hey, nice iPhone you have there! Did you get it at Walmart? Hahahaha
  • That first commercial about talking on the phone and surfing the web at the same time is misleading. I do that all the time while I'm using my notebook or desktop. I don't think my non-AT&T phone restricts me from doing that. And as others have said, you can talk on the phone and surf the web on the same phone using Wi-Fi. Yeah, maybe that doesn't work as well while on the move (but better than you'd assume) -- but at the same time, the situation in the commercial is showing a guy standing still and apparently is in his own apartment. I'd expect he'd have a good Wi-Fi signal there (either yours or your neighbor's). Plus, if you're on the move in a car or something, you probably shouldn't be talking on your phone and you definitely shouldn't be talking on your phone and surfing the web.
    The new Apple commercial about talking on the phone and surfing the web is also dumb. Most likely, people would have no reason to download an email while on the phone as they'd already have push email and it would have been downloaded when it was received. In the other scenario, how many people really make dinner reservations on the internet? And how many people order anniversary flowers on their iPhone instead of using a desktop/notebook in front of a big monitor or actually venturing outside and going to a florist? It's not like it's so damn urgent that you have to do it RIGHT THEN.
    The second Apple commercial is actually a lot more realistic with situations people might find themselves in (looking up movie times, maps, etc.). The first one was just dumb.
  • Thank you to everyone who replied. I didn't realize that it was because of the Wi-fi…btw…I switched to AT&T earlier today…couldn't take the Droid anymore…needed cool apps.
  • I am a real estate Broker, using my iPhone 4000 to 6000 minutes per month. I always use a head set and very often use the web while talking with clients, loving that I can send them current info while we talk. I had no idea you can't work this way with Verizon - what a drag! Tell every Realtor you know - save yourself - go iPhone and go AT&T!
  • @Bugs #52: AT&T still sells non-3G devices and has introduced at least a few of these within the last few months. The BlackBerry 8900? Non-3G and launched in AT&T in May 09. BlackBerry 8520? Soon to be launched, and non-3G. I am quite sure that there are other non-3G devices from other manufacturers available as well since 2008 on AT&T's network. Check facts before you have diarrhea of the mouth. But I agree they should put some more effort into the network.
    @ Josel #59: No need to bitch and moan that some people don't use an iPhone. If they don't see things the way we do, that's their problem, but I also realize that it's an effing phone. You should too. No need to defend the iPhone so irrationally.
  • It is funny but another day my wife was checking the email for a tracking number while talking on the phone (on speaker phone) with UPS. Sweet!!
  • These commercials are lies! AT&T gives you the impression in their commercials that they have licensed areas where the orange paint is. Not true, these maps rely on other "partner" networks, where if you use your phone too much they like to boot your account!
  • Watching AT&T ads against Verizon is weird when you're a T-Mobile user, since T-Mobile and AT&T use the same network tech and have the same capabilities. Heh, I got all worried I was missing out on something with my Android phone (bought for all the iDon't reasons).
  • I can serf the web and talk at the same time on my Verizon Droid. It seems like Verizon should be the one filling the lawsuit here.
  • Great comments and bravo to mr watsons long explaination you should copy that as a article somewhere. I enjoy apple products. I use a iPhone on wifi in bed for my morning gmail and alarm and whilst in Germany it's jailbroken and doing pandora and my online database. I think I am ready to try AT&T even though my town of litchfield ct is blank. I got many vz phones and cards for my employees but truely they are so solid in reception between ct ma pa that I hope AT&T can support my communication needs. I will benefit from surfn the net on occassion but not ready to let vz go too far from me. Apple AT&T verizon and users will all benefit from apple opening to muliple carriers. It will help ease their strained and stained network and allow price competiton for us the end user...
  • After watching the "talk and surf" commercial I tried doing just this with my Droid. I had absolutely no problem doing this with my WiFi turned off. I'm not exactly sure what it is I'm not supposed to be able to do. I looked up college football scores all while talking to someone. Are others not able to do this? Again, WiFi is off.
  • ATT is treating the public like idiots by not addressing the main issue, which is 3G coverage... they're totally going off topic. I personally think both companies are thieves (former ATT employee) and would never consider getting service from either of them, regardless of their dumb phones, but marketability wise Verizon has the clear advantage.
  • ATT, please let me know who DOESNT have service in Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago, etc. Metro PCS, Virgin Mobile, SprintNextel ALL have good coverage in these cities... Let me know when your phone is going to work 20 minutes outside a major city and maybe I'll consider switching.
    I travel full time for work, generally with the same coworker who has an iPhone...nearly every day I am laughing at him because he has no service.
  • I just switched from AT&T and a 3GS to Verizon and the DROID. I live in Philly, PA. I loved the iPhone for its capabilities but I hate it battery life post OS 3.1. I would have stuck with the iPhone if AT&T's network was of better quality. I can't count how many times my phone has dropped a call saying "Call Failed" while displaying 5 bars. If you surf on your iPhone regularly you will see how taxed the network is. Surfing between business hours and after hours is literally night and day. Surfing during business hours results in many "The Server is not responding." After 6pm the network is finally snappy. So far I have been satisfied with the DROID. The web is snappy and responsive all day long. I know CDMA cannot currently hold simultaneous data and voice calls but the device is great at doing one of the other. And with the DROID the battery isn't killed within 2 hours by surfing the web. I find this ad feud entertaining because Verizon hit the nail on the head and AT&T's retorts are subpar with nothing concrete.
  • Fresh add from AT&T! I am an AT&T customer however I have to say that no matter where I go I have some type of service. Probably about 97% of the areas of which I travel in the US. I disagree with the hash on Luke. I see the map turning with camera angle and he is either flipping the cards to the corresponding locations or shown walking towards each depending on shot used. I like this in your face approach and am proud that this company is not going to let another outsider challenge thier monopoly on the cell industry. In the 8 minutes contimplating my position on this matter I have now seen these commercials and 3 of Verizons commercials via tv. I am sold on being disgusted with just wasted tv space. Save the commercial cash and spend that on customer care along with decreases for phones and upgrade eligibilities for current customers. Word of mouth and proven track will create larger transfer than slash campaign. Peace biotches!
  • The iPhone looks great and all considering it is the only good phone that AT&T has to offer but its not worth switching to the crappiest network. Verizon has the both the best coverage and the best 3G coverage. I like how the AT&T commercial has no come back for their 3g coverage, but use the map scheme that Verizon uses to show their 3G coverage (I think it is meant to confuse people and make Verizon look like liars). Anyways, Verizon has the better overall network and will surely have a comeback at AT&T for this commercial. Verizon Wireless FTW
  • Like for people to know the whole VZN "network" thing is a lie for over 7 years most of my county in the piedmont region of NC doest have good coverage and while AT&T doesn't have 3g it has coverage. I actually had to pay a canellation fee for a phone that couldn't get a signal in most places. I'd trust AT&T over verizon who've made no attempts to improve coverage in my homertown.
  • FWIW, the modern bikini was invented in Paris in 1946, not in Lake City, Florida.
    Kind of reminds me of the old Soviet stance of having invented everything worthwhile.
  • Um does anyone realize that the white in the ATT commercial is their coverage area. Their coverage area is miniscule compared to Verizon, no matter how good the reception is where that coverage does exist. They try to make it sound like Verizon is lying, but they are not. Verizon blows them away! ATT is doing everything they can to sway people their way including suing Verizon. Oh, and the request from ATT for a restraining order against the commercials Verizon has been airing was DENIED!!
  • Hey I have the droid and I can web surf and talk at the same problem so blow me AT and T
  • While the commercials are funny the one thing that I found to be absolutely incorrect is ATT saying verizon customers can't talk on phone and surf the web at the same time. Three says before I saw the commercail I was doing it. They really should check the facts.
  • Also, just to be nitpicky, here's some more BS that was in ATT's commercial...Andrew Wilson or whatever his name is claims that it covers 97% of Americans, which is 300 million people. Your math's a little bit spotty there, bud. By about 2 or so million. I did the numbers a week ago or so and 97% of Americans is about 298 million. The total population of the US is only about 308 million to start with.
    Obviously not a huge issue, I just thought it was funny ATT thought they could spew that fallacy without anybody noticing. They didn't account for MATH though!
  • OK, surf the web and talk on the phone at the same time? I can't. I don't have the 3Gs, but the iPhone that came right before it. I downloaded and installed the new iPhone OS, and the updated carrier settings. It doesn't give me the option to get off the call screen. Am I an idiot or is this just a 3Gs thing. If it is, I swear AT&T AND Apple can eat one.
  • Nevermind. I just saw the commercial again and saw you have to hit the home button. So...the ruling is, I am an idiot.
  • Geez AT&T, you got all those postcards? Was your email service down? And Luke Wilson? Is he really your image??? How pathetic!!! Fire your agency!!!
  • The postcard com is ridiculous. Claiming they have coverage in here there and mention Chicago. What? You need to tell us you probably have coverage in one of the biggest cities in America. Well I live just outside Chicago and there is no coverage.
  • I don't know about Verizon but I have been on T-Mobile since the G1 came out specifically so I could get the first Android phone and My G1 WILL surf the internet or run apps and make voice calls WITH THE WIFI off on software version 1.6 (Donut). So I don't know why other carriers that have Android phones wouldn't be able to do the same.
  • It's all BS. I can talk on my Droid, use the speakerphone, check email, while playing a game, and browsing the internet without my WIFI on... Idiots! You need to own it and know how to use it to say a damn thing. Just like you iphoney users say, "people who don't have one don't understand. I love my Droid and you love you're iphone. But At&Ts network still sucks. verizon Rules...
  • Verizon is the worst for customer service, there 3g speed is nothing to brag about compared to at&t. I know this for a fact because I travel all over the country and I always have service with at&t and this was not the case with verizon since I was even lucky to get 10% signal strength outside my house and even when I was in a full coverage area my phone was lagging loading internet pages. I switched to at&t after being treated extremely rude by one of there customer service reps and I had been a well paying a customer for almost 4 years. I am now in the process of exploring my legal options to get the justice I deserve. I don't play games when it comes to my money and how much I pay for my phone service or anything else I buy for that matter. What I earn is composed of my blood, sweat and tears and If you want my business you had better treat me with the utmost respect.
  • I know iPhone users that have said how terrible AT&T's service is. Talking while surfing is rare and shouldn't be a selling point. At worst, hanging up the phone for 60 seconds isn't that big of a deal. HTC's Touch Pro 2 does way more than the iPhone can on any carrier. The iPhone with it's useless "apps" and games is for teens.
  • Fail...They are setting anything straight. Verizon is talking about *** 3G *** coverage. ATT&T didn't deny Verizon's claims at all.
    Now AT&T has stopped selling iPhones in NY. I guess their 3G network couldn't handle the number of users.
  • AT&T flat out lies. I have a Droid and I can surf the web while talking on the phone. I'll post a video on youtube if I need to just to show everyone that you can.
  • I have a mot. android and you can surf the web and talk at the same time thanks
  • Lies? Really? I have the Droid too and even when I used to have an LG Dare I could talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time. Now with Droid, I can do both, while automatically uploading pictures to flickr, listening to turn by turn directions, and reading incoming texts as they scroll so politely across the notification bar - and hopefully I won't forget I'm driving while doing all that. Can an iPhone perform like that?
    vzw ftw.
  • this is great(sarcasm), because you CAN surf the web and use apps, and do whatever the hell you want while on a phone call with verizon.. good job spending more money on a really ridiculous commercial where they could have spent it actually improving the network they claim to be the "best"
  • droid is better than iphone
  • No phone is perfect for everyone. you like your iphone, I like my droid. simple as that.
  • My droid on verizon surfs the web and makes phone calls while i'm navigating to someone's house and listening to pandora. some of you know what you're talking about.
    The commercial lies. don't believe me? buy a droid.
  • Here in Denver, my iPhone only gets about .5 Mbit while my friends HTC Google phone on Verizon gets over 2 Mbit, using the same speed test. I don't see how they can claim that AT&T has faster downloads.
    He can also talk and use the internet at the same time, so can someone explain how the commercial can be accurate?
    I just don't see how these commercials are setting the record straight?
  • I live in a 3G area. Why does my iPhone drop calls and fail to ring when I have FULL bars?
    Having coverage is of little consolation when the damn thing doesn't work.
  • The ATT/IPhone fanboys have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to Verizon being able to handle a call and surf the internet at the same time. My wife and I kept seeing these ridiculous commericals and decided to put her new Droid to the test. So she called my cell phone and then started surfing the web, without connecting to wifi as others have said in this thread. I can't speak for the entire U.S., but I live in a large metropolitan area in California where network issues should not be a problem and I know ATT users that have more trouble with dropped calls and spotty connections than myself as a Verizon user. I think ATT is just getting desperate because all they had going for them was the Iphone and now that Droid is threatening that security blanket.
  • I think the majority of you in this blog are clueless. In my opinion Luke Wilson made a bad PR move for agreeing to do the ATT ads. ATT is basically paying him to lie on national TV and he has no idea how much damage he is doing to his credibility. I have a phone from each provider and the Verizon Wireless phone is the only device where I can surf the web while on a call, listening to music and still receive and reply to text messages all at the same time, and I am not even talking about the droid device. There are numerous reports from reputable sources depicting issues with the ATT wireless network there are even articles with ATT admitting to these flaws yet they have Luke Wilson stating that they have the best #G experience. Luke Wilson obviously doesn't know how to use the internet or any of ATT's handsets that's why in the commercials he is always hovering over another user while describing the service. I used to like Luke Wilson until he sold out to ATT. My opinion would be a lot different if the Ads were true.
  • My iPhone 3g won't let me talk and surf the web. What's up with that? And there's no wifi onthe area so that blows that out of the water. My phone just gets an error message.
  • As a marketer I have a serious issue with the fact that AT&T says they cover 97% of Americans, if you look at their sites, Verizon covers a higher population. I think AT&T used a little bit of a fudge and is including other things but mobile.
    I had to do a case study on Verizon in college, the company is legit, they have done a lot of things smarter and better than AT&T ever has, leading to their success and becoming the industry leader.
    I used to have issues when I had a RAZR but I blame Motorola, my BlackBerry almost never has a dropped call. I was completely ready to switch for an iPhone until I took a trip to Mountain View CA. It's about 30-45 mins south of San Fran and all my colleagues with their iPhones couldn't get any service. I work for a National Company and I talk to people from all over as well. I listened to a guy from NYC tell me how horrible AT&T was up there and his iPhone never worked and he was ready to switch to Verizon.
    But seriously I'll stop and just say I too think AT&T is trying way too hard, and could get a better spokesperson, cause Wilson just comes off like a sleazeball and needs a better hair cut. That was bitchy I know, but I can't stand the bugger.
    I'm getting off the soapbox now. Also Android is pretty kick ass. :P
  • I have no problems with calls and surfing on my iphone. I use it a lot and am glad that I can do it. My brother, who is on Verizon, will call me while driving the I-95 corridor on the east coast to get traffic updates from my iphone.
    I did have Verizon and at least in the Northeast, AT&T is not as bad as Verizon wants you to believe.
  • I just can not seem to comprehend your point of view. Are you sure we're articulating about the same issue?
  • All Verizon users that say they can Talk & surf the web...can you Please tell me how u managed to do that? b/c I cant even take a pic while on a call.
  • Just got the new iPhone 4 and it still has issues with talking and using other apps or surfing the web at the same time? What's the deal? Especially since their commercial talked about they were the only ones that could. Plus I'm sick of the horrible reception, my husband has a razor on the AT&T plan and if were in the car together he will have 5 bars and mine has none.
  • Most of you have no clue as usual. The reason why ATT says they have the largest NETWORK is because they do. I work in the industry and if you want to be a communications company in America you will have to pay ATT. Even on the East Coast with VERIZON service in homes still use ATT service even if they are using Verizon. You have to understand they are all in bed with ATT. As for wireless towers they all share in some locations and not in others. So if you really want to know who wins in this field then you need to understand its ATT. ATT is the largest telecommunications provider in the world and is the fifteenth largest telecommunications company in the world. Verizon does not even come in the top twenty. Im not sticking up for ATT, but atleast get your facts straight.
  • I kind of think you have no clue what you are talking about. AT&T is the biggest in land line service, but not in cellular. AT&T mobility is a separate from AT&T land line service (although owned by the same company) it would be unfair to take AT&T land line and wireless and compare it to Verizon Wireless. Because they have 2 companies. You can't combine Verizon Wireless with Verizon Landline because they are 2 separate companies, and Verizon Landline does not own 100% of Verizon Wireless. Anyways comparing the cellular to cellular companies AT&T is a lot smaller then Verizon Wireless. And know those 2 companies do not share cellular towers with each other. They can't, they are 2 totally different types of technology. So AT&T does not share with Verizon and nor does Verizon with AT&T.
  • Oh ya also forgot to add AT&T does not say they have the largest network, they say they have the fastest network. So not even sure where you got that information
  • Sorry Jason, but I'll have to correct you on something. ATT and Verizon DO share towers. I won't go as far as to say that all towers are shared, but back when the wireless industry was just starting up, their different technologies were placed on the same towers, and so most places where you get ATT service, you should also get Verizon service (to some extent). A lot of reception, dropped call, etc. issues are actually due to the specific phone used, not the network, not to mention a lot of phones nowadays are refurbished with OTM parts instead of new. Keep that in mind. I've seen one phone and the same exact phone next to each other on the same network with drastic differences in reception.
  • The VERIZON iphone 4 SHOULD be able to surf the internet and make calls at the same time (unless the verizon iphone 4 has some kind of block). I had a (non-smart phone) nokia phone with cricket (which like verizon is also a CDMA network phone but is the SMALLEST cdma cell phone provider out there, smaller than boost mobile for crying out loud) and could access the internet and talk on it at the same time, so AT&T is lying. I heard a radio commercial saying that AT&T is selling $50 iphone 4 now instead of $200?! really? wow, they are desperate (still awful customer service, drop calls and unstable coverage though, they won't fix that), goodbye AT&T.
  • Who cares if you can't talk and surf!! At least you can use unlimited internet!!!!
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  • Help bought a used jailbroken iPhone 3G don't have a service provider yet and u can't update what do I do
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