The iPhone shook up a very complacent smartphone world, but if we think it exists in a vacuum, if we think the other big players won't respond (no matter how embarrassingly long it might take them), and if we don't hope that they do -- hardcore style -- to prevent Apple from one day getting just as complacent, then we're not doing our jobs as bloggers or consumers.

With that, splinter-like, in mind, witness RIM launching the Blackberry Thunder, their first touch screen device. If you ever wondered how brilliantly Apple handled the release of the iPhone, from Steve pulling it from his pocket to the first videos and commercials, wonder no more. RIM's shows us by way of terrible -- near Microsoft'ian -- example, how badly that could have gone... (Though Mike Lanman certainly makes a convincing Doby to Lazaridis' Gollum...). Couldn't have hired them Virgin folks again?

We're still not sure about the whole-screen's-a-button approach. And the newly launched GDGT podcast is right on when they say RIM needs new software and they need it now (and tell a very funny story about how RIM's co-CEO really doesn't get that... scary...)

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