AT&T's new Rollover Data plan for its Mobile Share Value users starts Jan. 25

AT&T will begin offering its own Rollover Data plan for all of its 50 million Mobile Share Value customers starting on Sunday, Jan. 25 at no additional cost. This news follows that of T-Mobile which announced a similar plan in December for its customers called Data Stash.

AT&T offered an example of how its Rollover Data plan will work for its customers:

If you have four lines and have a 15GB AT&T Mobile Share Value Plan and only use 10GB in a given month, you'll roll over 5GB and have a total of 20GB available to use within the next month. If you were to only use 10GB in the second month, you'll again roll over 5GB and have a total of 20GB available the next month. Bottom line: if you have unused plan data this month, it automatically rolls over to be used within the next month in case you need more than your plan's allotment. This gives you that extra data to do the things you love across all your devices, like surfing the web, watching videos, listening to your favorite music or sending email.

AT&T added that customers will be able to see just how much Rollover Data balance they have on the myAT&T app or on the company's website.

Source: AT&T

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