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Apple Watch: A brilliant addition to my life

I knew I wanted an Apple Watch since I first saw it announced it last September. My son has told the story already, but when he called me to tell me he was flying home from the event, I told him I was replaying the video again, and already figuring out which one I wanted and how I was going to use it. Little did I know just how much!

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Apple watch try-ons: Delight and accessibility

My son, conspiring with my daughter, pre-ordered an Apple Watch for me on my birthday the night Apple first made them available.

I went for the 42mm Space Gray aluminum Apple Watch Sport with the Black Sport band. I'm not as young as I once was, nor is my eyesight as good, and I wanted the screen size I could more easily see and touch. When it came to additional bands, however, I was less certain about what I wanted. So I booked a try-on appointment at my local Apple Store. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I should have been — it was an amazing experience.

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iPad Air: My constant companion

My iPad Air has become an almost constant companion. I've been around computers most of my adult life but the iPad is the first computer that's ever really felt part of my life.

My mom is a retired university and elementary school teacher. She's had an iMac for years, received her first iPad in 2011, now has an iPhone and Apple TV as well, and is looking forward to adding an Apple Watch to her setup this April. Since the iPad has replaced the Mac as her primary computing device, she thought it might be interesting to explain how and why. Needless to say, we agreed immediately. — Rene

I wake up early and, as I am retired, I can afford to spend the first couple of hours curled up reading the news on my iPad. I've collected several newspaper apps, including the Montreal Gazette, La Presse, and the New York Times that let me stay informed in two languages and across two countries.

I sometimes also catch up on television using the CBC, CTV, or Global apps. I especially enjoy that I can immediately check on people and facts mentioned in the articles or on the shows. The Safari browser and Google search engine are only ever a click and a tap away.

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One on one with the Apple Store's One to One training

One on One service provide an introduction and personal instruction for Apple Products

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iPhone 5c review: 6-months later

Editor's note: The iPhone 5c was released 6 months ago today. Since I've been using the iPhone 5s almost exclusively since then I wanted someone else, someone who's been using the iPhone 5c day in and day out, to write the follow up for Apple's other new phone. Someone perhaps not as steeped in the world of Apple and technology. So... I asked my mom. Here's her review.— Rene

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