One on one with the Apple Store's One to One training

Last month I wrote a review of the iPhone 5c and what it had come to mean to mean in just half a year. One of the things I mentioned in my review was that there were several things I still maintained by hand, including my address book and agenda, but that I looked forward to learning how to transition that to my iPhone — and iPad! — as well. It wasn't long before I was gently reminded that Apple offers a range of instructional services at the Apple Store, including group workshops, specialty classes, and even One to One help. Long story short, I went to try out a One to One session and here's how it went!

After arriving at my local Apple Retail Store I was matched up with my specialist for the session and we went together to one of the large tables at the back. She introduced herself and immediately asked what kind of learner I was. As a recently retired school teacher, I was very impressed. Different people learn in different ways and understanding that allows a teacher to better tailor their lessons.

I responded that I was a visual learner and was pleasantly surprised to find out my specialist had just completed the art program at one of our local colleges and was about to start the next phase of her education at the university I myself had taught at for many years. Instant bonding!

From there my specialist asked what I wanted to learn, I told her, and we began our session. Her technical knowledge was outstanding and what's more, because I'd said I was a visual learner and because she was an artist, she not only showed me what to do on my iPhone but drew diagrams and notes for me on paper that I could take with me as reminders.

The hour passed quickly. We went over Contacts and Calendar, Photos and iCloud backup. She showed me how to check up on the amount of storage I had available and how to start managing that as well. When we were done she asked me if I had any more questions. I told her I had more than enough to digest and practice already, so she thanked me for coming and invited me to come back if I needed further assistance.I, in turn, thanked her for her time and patience, and we were done.

One to One isn't for those already steeped in technology, for those who've spent their lives with computers on their desks and on their laps and in their pockets. It's designed for people like me, for people for whom computers and computing are a familiarity but still something that's being felt out.

Yes, I read iMore daily and soak in all the tips and how-tos Allyson and Peter, and others posts, and yes, when I have trouble I ask my son, Rene, for help and he's very good at providing it. But not everyone has or wants to burden family with constant tech support requests. That's where Apple's programs come in.

Many people are familiar with the buying experience at Apple and the repair experience at the Genius Bar but the training part doesn't always get the attention it should. I admit to not really being familiar with it until it was suggested to me. Now I'm very happy to know it's available, and to recommend it to anyone who wants to get some hands-on help with their iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Thanks to the managers, specialists, and everyone at Apple for a terrific experience. Some friends and I may try out one of the iLife or iWork group workshops next. Never stop learning!

Mrs Ritchie