Apple Watch: A brilliant addition to my life

My son has told the story already, but when he called to let me know he was flying home from the event, I told him I was replaying the Apple Watch video again. Seeing it demonstrated on stage led me to believe it would prove quite useful for in my daily life. Little did I know just how much!

My children offered to get the Apple Watch for me for my birthday. Convenient timing indeed! They took me to the try-ons and I settled on the 42mm Apple Watch Sport with the pink sport band.

I wanted the bigger size so it would be easier to read and control, and the pink sport band because it was a vibrant, warm, summertime color. (I also ordered a black leather loop band for winter.)

It arrived a few weeks later and I set it up right away. I used iMore Apple Watch guides as reference, of course, but I was thrilled and more than a little chuffed about how easy it was to get started with.

Time keeping plus plus

I've worn watches all of my life. So, for me, first and foremost the Apple Watch had to be a good watch. And it is. It's great. I chose the Utility clock face because it's traditional, I'm used to reading clock faces like it, and I can read it at a glance.

The Apple Watch is also better than any other watch I've ever owned because the clock face shows me so much more than any other watch ever has. It shows me the current temperature, for example, and even my next calendar appointment. Best of all, it shows me my activity. I'm a visual person and it gives me an incredible amount of joy to see my progress right there on the clock face throughout the day. What's more, with just a tap I can get full weather, calendar, and activity. It's terrific.

Activity and motivation

Apple Watch in silver in a hand

Apple Watch in silver in a hand (Image credit: iMore)

The hourly reminders to stand up are a blessing. I had a fall a few months ago and have had a bit of struggle staying as active as I'd like. The reminders motivate me. I see and feel them and they make me want to get up and get moving. The little "hurrah!" messages also play a part. Being told I'm on my way towards a goal, or close to completing it, makes me want to continue.

What's more, knowing that I have to get my heart rate up in order to earn progress on the workout ring encourages me to pick up the pace of my walks or my Taiji. Peter Cohen wrote about how the Apple Watch was pushing him towards better health earlier this week and I've had the same experience—it doesn't let you slack off! You have to earn it!

It's gotten to the point that I make sure I put my Apple Watch on first thing every morning, before anything else. I don't want to miss a moment trying to fill those wonderful little colored rings!

Convenient connections

Notifications are excellent. Previously, when my iPhone was charging or in my purse I'd miss messages or phone calls from my children and friends. Now, with the Apple Watch, even if I'm nowhere near my phone, I can still see messages and calls come in. I can even reply right from my Apple Watch.

Just this week I was visiting a friend in a town outside Montreal and rather than having to get out my iPhone to check her address, I could just tap on her contact on my Apple Watch, scroll down, and see exactly where she lived. It was incredibly convenient.

Comfort and style

The Apple Watch itself has proven more comfortable than I imagined. So comfortable, I forget I'm wearing it. It never pinches or becomes sticky or clammy. It's also proven quite durable. I've gone through many watches over the years. I seem to be very rough on them and have to replace them often. So far the Apple Watch has held up remarkably well.

That combined with how easy it is to open and close the bands, makes the Apple Watch one of the best watches I've ever owned.

I'm really pleased Apple made it.

Mrs Ritchie