The Genius

The Genius

Fixer of iPhones, teller of tales

He has seen it all, from disgusting AirPods to bugs inside Apple devices. There's not much that phases the Genius. After working in Apple Retail at the Genius Bar for years, he is ready to tell the tales of some of the whackiest, most wonderful, and straight-up weird customer interactions to grace the hallowed turf.

With a knowledge of all things Apple, join the Genius as he embarks on a journey to collate the best stories from the world of Apple Retail — you won't believe your ears.

If you've got a hilarious or crazy anecdote you want the world to know about, reach out to the Genius via @TalesGeniusBar on X and share your story — he's sure to turn it into a tale for the ages.

This is the world of Apple retail like you've never seen or heard it before. Welcome to Tales from the Genius Bar.

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