BabyBump pregnancy tracker for iPhone - app review

BabyBump is a pregnancy tracking application for the iPhone, and excellent for both mothers- and dads-to-be or anyone interested in following someone's pregnancy.

The home screen of BabyBump displays your chosen avatar, name, how many weeks and days you are along in your pregnancy, what trimester you're in, and how many days left until your due date. BabyBump is divided into 8 different sections:

  • Weekly info - This is my favorite section. BabyBump gives the approximate length and weight of your baby and compares his/her size to a fruit or vegetable. It also provides information about your Baby's developmental stage, what to expect with your body, and a health tip.
  • Journal - Here is where can record your weight, waist size, moods, and appointments. You can view charts of your weight and waist changes.
  • Photos - A place to store photos.
  • Birth - This is an excellent section of BabyBump. There is a very tasteful and informative video of the birth process, a list of newborn essential items that you need for Baby's arrival, and a checklist of your birth plan. When your baby is born, come to this section to create a quick birth announcement and send directly to Twitter, Facebook, and email.
  • Kick counter - A nice timer to record kick sessions.
  • Contractions - A similar counter to record contractions.
  • Baby names - An organized list of 1000 boy and 1000 girl names. You can store a list of favorite names and add any names that aren't on the list.
  • Community - This is a forums board. There are many different forum categories including a section for dads!

I have been using BabyBump since December and have seen multiple updates and improvements in the past months. BabyBump is an excellent iPhone companion for pregnancy; in fact, it's a must-have app for anyone pregnant.

[$4.99 - iTunes link (opens in new tab)]


  • Weekly updates on your baby's development
  • Charts of your weight and waist size
  • Share via Facebook, Twitter, or email
  • Active forums
  • Excellents birth plan and newborn essential lists
  • Themes
  • Regular updates


  • Cannot record measurements in quarter units (i.e. 36.75 inches)
  • Information under "Body" and "Health Tip" are sometimes rather repetitive.

TiPb iPhone 4.5-star rated

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  • My wife used this app and loved it, but it has one big downside. There is no way to export anything, via email, PDF or other method. You spend nine months tracking your pregnancy, adding notes, pics, etc and then when its all over you what? Just delete the app and all the journals of your pregnancy? There really needs to be a way to export the diary for safe keeping on your laptop or to print for a scrapbook.
    We wrote the dev, but never heard anything back.
  • How long ago was this? Pretty much everything is email-able now.
  • It reminds me of an app called "birth-minder" that shows and explains the different stages and give you a picture to scale of big the baby is at that time. Pretty cool!
  • Thanks for that. They must have added the email since our daughter was born 3 months ago. My wife went back in and found the email links, so she was able to get everything but the photos out of the app.
    It's a really cool app to look through if you keep it running the whole nine months.
  • That's a very useful app! I'm not in a situation that would require it (yet), but I can imagine that I would be grateful for it at the time.
    It's cool how you can see the size etc, but I agree with Doc, in that the flaw was the lack of exportability. Though now, it seems that it's possible.
    Well done devvies!
  • Great app, im following right now my girlfriend pregnancy the app i use is ipregnancy is also another great tool
  • Hi,
    I'm one of the developers of BabyBump and we're thrilled to see such a comprehensive video. Thanks Leanna! We're so grateful.
    Also, just so there's no confusion, BabyBump has always had the ability to email the journal, it's not a new feature. The only new share features were Twitter and Facebook integration which we added in version 2.0 back in November 2009.
    And be on the lookout for yet another major update coming soon! We have some more very exciting things coming!
  • We are in our 9th week so I thought Id give it a try. I wish there was a more robust profile so we could put information we would use throughout the pregnancy, such as the doctor's name and contact info, foods not to eat, health considerations, a calendar view to schedule doc appts (not just times, but whole dates), baby shower info, to do lists,etc
    As far as the weekly part, that's great and very accurate.
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