Backblaze 7.0 update

What you need to know

  • Backblaze has a new macOS update out.
  • Official Catalina support is added.
  • As is unlimited version history.

Backblaze is one of the most popular online backup solutions around and with good reason. It offers unlimited backups for just a few dollars a month and the Mac app is native, so it won't grind your system down. And now that app has been updated to version 7.0.

With this update Backblaze gains official macOS 10.15 Catalina support along with improved handling of macOS system messages. The app now deals with Catalina's more restrictive security settings, too.

We've added support for MacOS Catalina and improved some MacOS system messages. MacOS provides some great new features for the Mac and we've changed some of our apps' behavior to better fit Catalina. In Catalina, Apple is now requiring apps to ask for permission more frequently, and since Backblaze is a backup application, we require a lot of permissions. Thus you may notice more system messages when installing Backblaze on the new OS.

Backblaze has also made sure that nobody will ever lose a file thanks to unlimited version history. It's a paid upgrade to the standard Backblaze plan, but if you need to be able to undo changes to files without a time limit the fees are a bargain. Especially compared to the potential risk of losing data.

Extending your Version History from 30 days or one year to forever means that Backblaze will never remove files from your Backblaze backup whether you've updated, changed, or fully deleted them from your computer, or not. Extending Version History to forever is similar to one year, at an additional $2 per month (prorated to your license plan type) plus $0.005/GB/month for versions modified on your computer more than one year ago.

Existing users are being upgraded to Backblaze 7.0 in the coming weeks, but you can manually kick the update off by clicking the Backblaze icon and seleting "Check for Updates".