Bag It! for iPhone and iPad review

Bag It! is a game that Rene and I checked out while at Macworld 2012 where the goal is to efficiently bag your groceries while optimizing space and not crushing items by overloading them with weight. For example, placing a watermelon on top of a loaf of bread is a surefire way to smash the bread.

Bag It! is available for the iPhone and iPad, but I will be using screenshots from the iPhone version. The iPad version is exactly the same, just built specifically for the iPad.

The objective of Bag It! is to place all the groceries that pass along the conveyer belt into your grocery bag. Typical bagging rules apply, however. In general, this means that you want your heavy items on the bottom and light, soft items on the top -- or at least in a separate section of the bag.

In addition to getting all the items to fit without crushing anything, there are also mini goals you'll encounter during the game that will reward you with more points if accomplished. For example, some pairs of items, like orange juice and milk, are sweethearts and bagging them next to each other will award extra points. Other times you may get extra points for grouping multiples of the same item, or even putting "enemies" next to each other. These little extras in the game not only add a lot of character to the game, but competitiveness as well. I find myself not being content with just successfully bagging my groceries, but striving to achieve as many bonuses as possible.

That really is Bag It! in a nutshell. It features over 60 levels with the ability to get up to 3 stars and 2 medals at each level.

The good

  • Great (and cute) graphics
  • Fun
  • Challenging
  • Addicting
  • Mini goals

The bad

  • No complaints

The bottom line

Bag It! is a great little casual puzzle game that anyone can enjoy. I love that in addition to the main goal of bagging the groceries, there are lots of mini goals like grouping up items who love (or hate) each other or other little random missions like "well bread". Bag It! is a very fun, cute, and easy to play game for the whole family.

$0.99 for iPhone - Download Now

$2.99 for iPad - Download Now

Leanna Lofte

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