BBEdit 11.1 simplifies revision control with new Git menu

BBEdit's a powerful tool for Mac-based app and web developers. The latest release makes it even better. What's more, it's a recommended download for current users.

Other improvements include a new CSS/SCSS language module, Arrange submenu and Save All In Window command. There's more besides.

Git is a powerful distributed revision control system used by developers. Michael Tsai, developer of the popular SpamSieve anti-spam software for Mac, explained why having the new Git menu in BBEdit is so handy.

"First, it makes for a smooth workflow where I can check the blame, view the revision log, or compare versions without leaving BBEdit's editing environment. Second, none of the full Git clients I've seen are designed for the workflow of: here's a file, show me its log and revisions. Now, when I want to see a file's history, I can just open it in BBEdit and go to the Git menu."

Peter Cohen