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Best Desk Chair for Kids iMore 2022

As kids continue to study at home, they're going to want something comfortable to sit in for a few hours at a time. This means that you should look into something that is not only cozy for your child but also ergonomic. There are many options out there to consider, but for the best results, you need the best desk chair for kids that will go nicely with a great desk. The favorite of many seems to be the SitRite Kids Desk Chair, so we're choosing it as the best desk chair for kids because it's fully adjustable, comfortable, and (most importantly) ergonomic.

Best Overall: SitRite Kids Desk Chair

Sitrite Kids Desk Chair ColorsSource: SitRite

As your children grow, it's important to make sure that they have the correct posture in mind, and the SitRite Kids Desk Chair helps do just that, which is why it's the best desk chair for kids.

The SitRite Kids Desk Chair is fully ergonomic with a full cushion for back support and a thick, slidable, and adjustable seat — it can slide 1.7-inches to the front or back (as needed to fit your child) and stays put with a locking mechanism. The height can be adjusted between 16.7-inches to 19.6-inches with a silent gas lift cylinder, and the chair has a full 360-degree swivel. There is a detachable footrest for younger kids, allowing their feet to rest if they can't reach the ground comfortably. The rounded armrest is there for additional support and comfort.

The SitRite Kids Chair has a unibody design that looks great with any desk and study setting. The SitRite also doubles as a great little office chair for petite adults as well (around 5-feet), and it has a weight cap of 300 pounds.


  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Fully adjustable and customizable
  • Full 360-degree swivel
  • Detachable footrest for younger kids
  • Modern unibody design
  • Can also fit petite adults


  • Black leather option may have peeling issues

Best Overall

Sitrite Kids Desk Chair Black

SitRite Kids Desk Chair

Modern and ergonomic

SitRite Kids Desk Chair is ergonomic, comfortable, and adjustable, all in a sleek, modern, unibody design fit for any desk.

Best for Gaming: Homall Gaming Chair

Homall Gaming Chair ColorsSource: Homall

While this is not made for kids, the Homall Gaming Chair is still a good pick for both kids and adults who like to game and study or work. With the Homall Gaming Chair, you get high-density foam cushions, so it's comfortable and resilient over time. The PU leather is also skin-friendly for everyone and quite durable while adding a sophisticated look to a desk. Plus, kids will love the "racing chair" aesthetic that the chair has.

The Homall Gaming Chair can support up to 300 pounds, and it features rubber casters for a quiet and smooth roll. You can do a full 360-degree swivel in the chair, and the chair tilts back from 90-to-150-degrees. If your kid needs a break from studying, they can rock back and forth in the chair on breaks, and the headrest provides additional support. The chair also has armrests too, making kids feel as if they're in a race car. It may not be marketed as for kids, but this is a quality gaming chair that is great for everyone, kids and adults alike. Plus, you have a wide variety of colors to choose from.


  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable
  • Height adjustable
  • Great for studying and gaming


  • A little pricey for kids

Best for Gaming

Homall Gaming Chair Render

Homall Gaming Chair

Get your game on

This chair is great for kids (and adults) who love to game and study. It's comfortable, adjustable, and it rocks back and forth.

Best for Simplicity: Flash Furniture Adjustable Student Chair

Flash Furniture Adjustable Student Chair LifestyleSource: Flash Furniture

For those who want a simple student chair for their kids to work from, then you should consider Flash Furniture's Adjustable Student Chair. Its simplicity and availability, combined with an affordable price tag, make it one of the best desk chairs for kids.

This basic plastic chair has a slatted seat and back that allows for air circulation. The seat also has contours shaped perfectly for comfort. Despite the simple appearance, the chair is very sturdy, and the adjustable legs allow the chair to fit children of all sizes. There are also anti-slip floor caps that help prevent the chair from slipping while also reducing any noise.

Flash Furniture recommends students use this chair in elementary school up to high school.


  • Simple, but sturdy
  • Slatted seat and back for air circulation
  • Adjustable legs to fit kids of all sizes
  • Anti-slip floor caps
  • Contoured seat for comfort


  • No padding
  • No armrests

Best for Simplicity

Flash Furniture Adjustable Student Chair

Flash Furniture Adjustable Student Chair

Back to basics

This simple student chair has slats for air circulation, and the height can be fully adjusted for any child.

Best for Athletes: Flash Furniture Sports Swivel Task Chair

Flash Furniture Soccer Swivel Task Office ChairSource: Flash Furniture

Is your kid athletic or just love sports? Then Flash Furniture's Sports Themed Swivel Task Chair is a great match.

With this swiveling task chair, you can choose from four sports-themed designs: Basketball, Soccer, Football, or Baseball. The vinyl upholstery means that it's comfortable to sit in for hours, and clean-up should be easy if it gets dirty. The chair is adjustable for your child's height, and the heavy-duty base has dual-wheel casters for easy movement. You can also choose to have this chair include armrests or go without — it's up to you.


  • Four different sports designs
  • Vinyl is comfortable and easy to clean
  • Height is fully adjustable
  • Heavy-duty base with dual-wheel casters for smooth movement
  • Freely swivels
  • Armrests are optional


  • Only four sports designs
  • Colors may be off on soccer design

Best for Athletes

Flash Furniture Basketball Swivel Task Chair

Flash Furniture Sports Swivel Task Chair

Future athlete

Even growing athletes need a comfortable chair to study in! These are height adjustable, and armrests are optional.

Best for Active Learning: Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair LifestyleSource: Gaiam

For some kids, a regular student or desk chair is just not enough. They need a chair that will help them concentrate, focus, and reduce their restlessness. The Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair does just that, which is why we consider it to be another one of the best desk chairs for kids.

This exercise ball chair helps kids focus by actively balancing themselves on the ball. The plastic back support bar helps improve overall posture and spinal alignment, leading to a healthier back and better overall well-being. And if your child tends to be restless, the bouncing and balancing on the exercise ball helps reduce their fidgeting and makes learning more fun.

The chair itself has an adjustable back support bar, and it will securely hold the exercise ball in place when it is inflated to the proper size. There are also easy-glide caster wheels that make moving around easy in the chair, with two of them able to lock to prevent gliding around. This is a unique option that could do the trick for your active child if everything else fails.


  • Promotes active learning
  • Improves posture and spinal alignment, better back health and well-being
  • Reduces fidgeting and boredom
  • Easy-glide caster wheels with two locks
  • Back support bar is adjustable


  • Inflating the ball to the right size can be tricky

Best for Active Learning

Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair

Balancing fun and learning

This chair uses an exercise ball to help kids concentrate and focus. It comes with gliding wheels, and the back bar is adjustable.

Best for Everyone: NEO CHAIR Office Gaming Desk Chair

Neo Chair Office Gaming Desk Chair ColorsSource: Neo Chair

While this is actually an adult's chair, kids can also use it just fine since it is fully adjustable — just lower it as necessary. This NEO CHAIR Office and Gaming Desk Chair has a professional look to it, and it should fit any workstation, whether it's your own or your kid's desk.

The NEO CHAIR Office and Gaming Desk Chair can tilt up to 130-degrees back for ultimate comfort. To prevent any accidental mishaps, the chair can also lock in your preferred tilt position. Again, it is also fully adjustable and can hold up to 250 pounds, so this particular chair can be great for kids and adults. It also has a full 360-degree swivel, so you can move freely with the rolling wheels.

You also get a premium elastic molded sponge in the cushion, so you get maximum comfort for long periods of time. On the back of the chair, you'll find high elasticity breathable mesh that helps keep you or your child cool while studying, and it's great for lumbar support.

Best for Everyone

Neo Chair Office Gaming Desk Chair Black

NEO CHAIR Office Gaming Desk Chair

For adults and children alike

This comfy chair is adjustable for both adults and kids. It comes in colors, tilts, and has breathable mesh and a molded cushion.

Sit comfortably with the best desk chair for kids

Overall, the best desk chair for kids is the SitRite Kids Desk Chair, which would also pair nicely with some of the best small desks for kids if you're tight on space. It's the most ergonomic chair on the list, complete with padded cushions on the seat and back. The seat is also adjustable by sliding forward or backward to fit your child, locking in place, and the armrests give additional support. The chair height is easily adjustable, and the entire chair has a 360-degree swivel with gliding wheels, so your child can freely move around as they please.

The SitRite works great for kids of all sizes. If your child is on the younger side, there is a detachable footrest so they can rest their foot while studying. And the chair can even fit petite adults up to around 5-feet in height and weight caps out at 300 pounds. And it has a modern design that looks great with something like a standing desk, such as the Flexispot Standing Desk that we tried.

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