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When the temperature climbs in the sultry summer months, your workstation can quickly turn into a mini furnace, causing your overall productivity to take a nosedive. If this is you, you'll want to invest in a good desk fan to keep cool. Although small in size, desk fans are conveniently portable and push out sufficient cold air to stop you from sweltering. Topping our selection is the Aikoper USB Table Personal Electric Fan. This desk fan features a stylish oval shape and twin turbos for the even and continuous distribution of cold air.

Best overall: Aikoper USB table personal electric fan

Aikoper Desk FanSource: Amazon

The Aikoper USB Table Personal Electric Fan looks nothing like a regular fan. It's quite stylish with a neat black finish. To turn it on and off, you simply touch anywhere on the fan's aluminum base. The fan features Aikoper's latest twin-turbo cyclone structure for a steady, continuous supply of cold air. The blades spin at two different speeds — low and high. Although the high-speed setting produces a slight whirring sound, it is bearable.

The fan has a sturdy metal frame that adjusts upwards and downwards (by 18 degrees) to allow you to change the direction of airflow. For extreme stability, especially in the high-speed setting, the fan has two anti-slip rubber pads to reduce wobbling. Also, the fan uses a USB cable for power supply so that you can power it from your laptop, a power bank, or an AC power adapter.

Since the fan blades are well protected, there is minimal chance of stray objects snapping into the blades — such a plus for desks frequented by kids and pets.


  • Unique and stylish design
  • Very quiet and stable
  • Super sensitive touch control base
  • Well covered blades


  • Stray cables touching the sensitive base might turn it off

Best overall

Aikoper Desk Fan

Aikoper USB table personal electric fan

Stylish and sturdy

The Aikoper USB Table Personal Electric Fan is very steady and delivers sufficient cold air at two speeds — high and low.

Best quiet fan: Honeywell quietset table fan

Honeywell QuietSet Table FanSource: Amazon

The secret of this fan is in the name — Honeywell QuietSet Table Fan. The fan features a stylish tall construction, and it's built to push cold air in silence, making it such an excellent choice for people who prefer quiet personal spaces. Plus, the fan's slim profile means that it takes up minimal space on your desk or nightstand.

Enhanced with four levels of Advanced QuietSet Control, the Honeywell fan gives you the freedom to control the speed and noise level. Unlike fans powered by an AC motor, the Honeywell is powered by a direct current (DC) motor that reduces energy consumption by about 50%. On occasion, you can crank up the settings to produces some white noise, which helps in canceling other sound distractions in the office or bedroom.


  • Auto-off timer
  • Relatively quiet
  • Comes with an easy to use display
  • Comes with additional settings to create white noise


  • No USB cable

Best quiet fan

Honeywell QuietSet Table Fan

Honeywell quietset table fan

Mini quiet tower

A relatively quiet roommate, only noticeable from the cool breeze. If need be, you can change the speed for some white noise.

Best portable: OPOLAR F401 mini USB desk fan

Opolar F401 Usb Desk Fan LifestyleSource: Opolar

The OPOLAR F401 Mini USB Desk Fan is a portable fan perfect for your office, study, or even bedroom. Fitted with four-inch blades and a six-inch frame, this fan takes up minimal space on your office or study desk. Besides, the metallic frame gives it a sturdy feel while creating a steady stream of cold air.

In its most authentic form as a portable fan, it does come with a 3.9-foot USB cable that can draw power from a laptop, power bank, AC adapter, or any USB power outlet. At the bottom of the fan are rubber pads, which give the OPOLAR F401 incredible stability. Also, the price is just right!


  • Strong metallic frame
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Takes up minimal desk space


  • It's not dead silent

Best Portable

OPOLAR F401 Mini USB Desk Fan

OPOLAR F401 mini USB desk fan

A good price

Improve the air quality around you with the portable and affordable OPOLAR F401 Mini USB Desk Fan.

Best rechargable fan: Trekoo USB rechargeable table fan

Trekoo USB Table Fan-RechargeableSource: Amazon

The convenience of owning a fan with a rechargeable battery and an option to power via a USB cable is undeniable. This Trekoo USB Table Fan comes with an inbuilt rechargeable 2000mAh battery that can last you anywhere between 1.5 to 5 hours on a single charge. Also, you can opt to run it via a USB cable connected to a laptop, power bank, or any other USB power output.

It has three wind speeds and pivots to 360 degrees. As such, you get to enjoy a controlled and comfortable cooling experience. To prevent wobbling, especially when fanning at high speed, the fan has anti-slip rubber feet. It's a great fan to use both at home and for outdoor activities during the summer.


  • It has a protective frame
  • Rechargeable battery that can last up to five hours
  • Quiet enough to allow you to sleep or work
  • It's USB powered


  • The battery capacity could have been bigger

Best rechargeable fan

Trekoo Rechargeable Desk Fan Rendered

Trekoo USB rechargeable table fan

Rechargeable fan

Enjoy a cold breeze anywhere with the Trekoo USB Table Fan. It also works as a whole room air circulator.

Best innovative: Dyson air multiplier AM06 table fan

Dyson Air Ultiplier Am06 Table Fan LifestyleSource: Dyson

If safety is your biggest concern, the Dyson AMO6 fan is here to fix that. These future-forward fans come in two sizes and four different colors. This Dyson fan design is nothing like your regular fan. It features a clean, sleek, and stylish loop with zero fast-spinning blades, which makes it a perfect option for spaces frequented by kids and pets.

The fan operates on Air Multiplier technology, which amplifies surrounding air to generate powerful yet smooth streams of cold air from the loop. Under the loop is a detachable base with all the control functions. For added convenience, the fan comes with a remote to help you control the oscillation, speed, and tilt direction of airflow. The price tag may sound outrageous, but it is all worth it.

Cleaning this fan is super easy. All you need is a damp piece of cloth to wipe the loop clean. Also, it has a sleep timer allowing you to set the desired cooling time.


  • Stunning design
  • Bladeless loop
  • Can be remote controlled
  • The loop and remote can be replaced in case of loss or damage


  • Quite expensive
  • If you lose the remote, you lose 50% of all control functions

Best innovative

Dyson Air Ultiplier Am06 Table Fan Rendered

Dyson air multiplier AM06 table fan

Bladeless magic

The Dyson fan is safe, stylish, and powerful. It is the perfect choice for desks frequented by babies and pets.

We're fans...

Desk fans are an excellent way to manage the summer and tropical heatwaves while giving your wallet a break. Before you settle for a fan, ensure it checks the right boxes for you. The checkboxes include power supply options, wind speed, size, and noise level. Get yourself one of these fans and stay productive always.

All these fans work great, but the Aikoper USB Table Personal Electric Fan remains our favorite. The fan pushes air in two speeds and tilts up and down by 18 degrees, giving you decent freedom to direct the cold air. Built with eight blades beautifully held in a stylish matte case, the fan is a blend of functionality and style.

Another boon is the sensitive yet straightforward touch base helps you regulate the fan with ease. It also comes with a USB cable and can draw power from several sources. Now that is a convenient cooling fan.

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