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Best Eero WiFi Systems iMore 2021

If you are tired of dealing with a slow or inconsistent Wi-Fi connection in certain areas of your home, then it is time to upgrade to mesh networking. Mesh routers utilize multiple beacons or satellites within the home to blanket every corner, giving you the Wi-Fi that your family deserves. The Eero WiFi System 3-Pack is an affordable mesh system that can cover almost any home size with fast, reliable Wi-Fi, making it the best for most. Here's our roundup of all of the available Eero systems to help you decide which is the best for your needs.

Best Overall: Eero WiFi System 3-Pack

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eero's 3-Pack Wi-Fi System is an affordable, entry-level system that covers all of the basics. This system comes with three of eero's latest generation Dual-Band units, which are all identical in size and features. Just choose one to connect to your modem, and place the others around your home for maximum coverage.

These compact units have two Ethernet ports on each for direct connections to your modem, or non-Wi-Fi devices, and also work together to form a mesh network across your home. This keeps things simple by using the same network name and settings, allowing your devices to roam freely by auto-connecting to the best unit in the background.

This three unit system can cover up to 5,000 square feet, which should be plenty for most homes, and they support additional units if you need to expand. The only downside to this system is that they don't support Tri-Band, which is reserved for eero's "pro" models.


  • Affordable
  • Easy setup
  • Compact design
  • Covers up to 5,000 sq ft


  • Only two Ethernet ports per unit
  • Dual-band only

Best Overall

Eero WiFi System 3-Pack

Eero WiFi System 3-Pack

The best for most

eero's 3-pack is the perfect mix of features and affordability. It's the best option for those that want fast, reliable Wi-Fi.

Best Value: Eero WiFi System

Eero WiFi System single on a cabinetSource: eero

The single version of the Eero WiFi System ditches the extra units in favor of just one Eero that can blanket small homes. Capable of covering up to 1,500 square feet, this Eero can fulfill the role of a traditional Wi-Fi router but is expandable if needed.

Of course, some trade-offs come with being the cheapest way to join in on the Eero fun, such as only having two Ethernet ports available. This means that when you plug in your modem, you will only have one Ethernet port to spare, requiring everything else to work via Wi-Fi, or requiring an additional network switch.


  • Lowest price eero
  • Expandable
  • Can extend other eeros


  • Smaller coverage area
  • Only two Ethernet ports
  • Dual-band only

Best Value

Eero WiFi System

Eero WiFi System

Cost effective

A single Eero router can serve the needs of homes up to 1,500 sq ft, providing lots of modern features without breaking the bank.

Best Coverage: Eero Pro WiFi System 3-Pack

Eero Pro WiFi System in a family room settingSource: eero

The Eero Pro WiFi System 3-Pack takes things to the extreme by covering up to a whopping 6,000 square feet in wireless goodness. This top of the line system utilizes Tri-Band technology that uses a separate signal for communication between each unit, which helps alleviate potential network congestion.

Just like with the Dual-Band eero's, the Pro models feature two Ethernet ports each, but they come in a slightly larger form factor. However, the Pro gets its juice through USB-C, making placement options flexible as there are tons of different cable sizes and mounts available to give them a much cleaner installation.


  • Covers up to 6,000 sq ft
  • Tri-Band capable
  • USB-C power input


  • Expensive
  • Only two Ethernet ports
  • Largest Eero design

Best Coverage

Eero Pro WiFi System 3-Pack

Eero Pro WiFi System 3-Pack

Cover it all

The Eero Pro 3-Pack offers a massive coverage area, up to 6,000 sq ft, along with Tri-Band radios for the fastest speeds.

Best Convenience: Eero Pro WiFi System + 2 Beacons

Eero WiFi System Beacon being installed into an outletSource: eero

Consisting of an Eero Pro unit and 2 Beacons, this system provides the ultimate inconvenience. Just place the larger Pro Eero near your modem, and then extend its range by plugging in the beacons directly into outlets around your home.

This plug and play design keeps things nice and tidy, and it works in places, such as in a hallway, where traditional set-top routers cannot go. The Beacons also take things even further by having a nightlight built right in, helping to light the way at night.


  • Tri-Band Pro unit
  • Nightlight on Beacon
  • Plug and Play Beacons


  • No Ethernet on Beacons
  • Beacons are Dual-Band only
  • Expensive

Best Convenience

Eero Pro WiFi System with 2 beacons

Eero Pro WiFi System + 2 Beacons

Plug and play

This bundle includes the powerful Pro router and two beacons that plug into any outlet around the home, keeping things simple.

Best for Medium Size Homes: Eero Pro WiFi System + Beacon

Eero Pro WiFi System and a Beacon in separate roomsSource: eero

This Eero system combines the power of the Eero Pro with a single Beacon providing coverage for up to 3,750 square feet. This system's mixture works great in those scenarios where your modem resides in a not so convenient place, allowing the Beacon to work in the optimum spot in your home.

Since the Pro unit is the only one with Ethernet ports, this system works best where the majority of devices connecting to it use Wi-Fi. However, if you do run into a situation where you need an additional port, you can always swap in another Eero to keep things running.


  • Tri-Band Pro unit
  • Nightlight on Beacon
  • Plug and Play Beacon


  • Just two Ethernet ports in total
  • Beacon is Dual-Band only
  • No Ethernet on Beacon

Best for Medium Size Homes

Eero Pro WiFi System and 1 beacon

Eero Pro WiFi System + Beacon


This Eero set covers up to 3,500 sq ft with just one pro and Beacon, keeping the brains out of sight but still covering the home.

Best Expandability: Eero Pro WiFi System

Eero Pro WiFi System on a tabletopSource: eero

If you currently have a single router that can cover your entire home but want to upgrade to modern features, then the Eero Pro might be the one for you. A single Eero Pro can cover up to 1,750 square feet, and it can be expanded at any time with additional units.

Installing an Eero gives you access to family profiles, which can limit websites that can be visited, pausing of devices, and device prioritization. The Eero Secure subscription service is also available, which can block ads and scan traffic for potential malware and phishing sites.


  • Tri-Band capable
  • Covers small homes on its own
  • Expandable


  • No included beacons
  • Just two Ethernet ports
  • Expensive

Best Expandability

Eero Pro WiFi System single

Eero Pro WiFi System

Future proof

The single Eero Pro provides plenty of power, along with a Tri-Band radio that is ready for expansion if you need more coverage.

Bottom line

Upgrading to a mesh network is a great way to improve overall speeds and Wi-Fi coverage around the home. Eero routers are synonymous with mesh networking not only because they were one of the first systems around, but also because of their high levels of performance and reliability.

The Eero WiFi System 3-Pack gets our pick as being the best for most, as it provides fantastic coverage, speeds, and reliability, all at an affordable price. This system is also incredibly easy to set up, using just an app, and its powerful software features can keep you and your family safe from potential threats.

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