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Best Horror Games for Nintendo Switch in 2022

Horror on Nintendo Switch
Horror on Nintendo Switch

You probably thought that since Nintendo is such a family-friendly game company, there wouldn't be much in the way of horror for the Switch. However, there are a few solid horror titles available right now, with more iconic horror characters and brand new titles on the way. If you love horror games, these are the best ones available on Nintendo Switch.

Games to chill you to the bone

There is nothing quite as fun as a video game that can scare the pants off of you. It's a bit like watching a horror movie, but you get to become a part of the terror! There are a variety of different horror games that are available on Nintendo Switch, and they run the gamut from zombies to psychological horror and encompass everything in between.

Out of all the options our number one pick is Call of Cthulu (opens in new tab). This atmospheric horror game depends on investigation and the choices that you make will affect the outcome of the story. Try to solve the mysteries on this small island and pray you don't become the next victim in this cosmic horror.

If you prefer a game that's more physical than the Resident Evil Revelations Collection (opens in new tab) will have you gunning down infected. There are two games in one great package which means you get twice the terror for the same great price.

Last but not least is Layers of Fear: Legacy which delivers a psychological horror story that transports you between the present and the past. Wander through a deteriorating victorian home as you watch the protagonist lose his mind in this terrifying title.