Best jailbreak tweaks for power-users: JellyLock7, SwitchSpring, Activator, and more!

From killing apps in the background faster to making better use of your Lock screen, these jailbreak tweaks make power users even more powerful!

iOS 7 does what Apple wants it to do, and that's fine for most people most of the time. If you're a power user, however, and you want to go beyond the base functionality, if you want tweak things to make them even faster and more convenient, then that's where jailbreak comes in. But which jailbreak power-user tweaks are the absolute best?


Best jailbreak tweaks that make iOS 7 even better: JellyLock7

JellyLock7 puts up to five of your most used apps right on the Lock screen of your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. You can also remove the stock Camera icon on the Lock screen if you'd like. Just tap on the circle on your Lock screen and the apps you've configured in JellyLock7 will fan out. Slide your finger to any one of them to launch it. Of course you can customize whether or not JellyLock7 can bypass your passcode lock in Settings.

If you want to make better use out of your Lock screen, JellyLock7 is a must.

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Best jailbreak tweaks that make iOS 7 even better: Activator

Activator has been around just as long as jailbreak and it's still one of the very first things many veteran jailbreakers install. Essentially Activator lets you set gesture based shortcuts in any manner you'd like. Whether you want double tapping on the status bar to launch into the quick reply section of BiteSMS or something else, the possibilities are endless. It's powerful, yet simple to use.

If you want more gesture based actions than you can shake a stick at, look no further than Activator.

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Best jailbreak tweaks that make iOS 7 even better: SwitchSpring

Anyone who is jailbroken is familiar with having to respring an iPhone or iPad in order to apply changes. SwitchSpring gives you an easy way to do that right through the multitasker, but even more important, it lets you quickly close out all apps with a single gesture. Much more convenient than having to close them out a few at a time.

If you like to kill apps from multitasking regularly, SwitchSpring lets you do it much faster than stock iOS 7 does.

  • Free - Cydia Link


Best jailbreak tweaks that make iOS 7 even better: Applocker

Applocker is great for anyone who has kids or simply has files they don't want others accessing. You can choose to lock down apps so they can't be deleted or opened without a password, lock down whole folders, Home screen layouts, and much more. For iPhone 5s users, there's even Touch ID support.

If you want to keep your stuff away from prying eyes or have an iPhone or iPad in the house that needs better parental controls, Applocker is a must have.

  • $0.99 - Cydia Link


FlipControl adds lots of functionality to Control Center by way of even more toggles. You can customize what appears in settings and even drill down to separate items showing on the Lock screen. Don't like the quick launch apps and toggles that are natively in the bottom of Control Center? No problem! FlipControlCenter lets you change those up too!

If you want complete control over Control Center and what's in it, FlipControlCenter is what you want.

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Your picks?

Have you found any jailbreak tweaks that don't necessarily add functionality but make iOS 7 easier and more convenient to use? Let me know in the comments!