Best Low-cost Alternatives to Apple's USB-C Adapter iMore 2022

Not everyone needs a ton of ports or wants to spend the money on a USB-C hub for their new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Sometimes all you need is a simple adapter so you can use your USB peripherals with your Mac with no issues. While Apple does sell its own adapter, it's not the cheapest one you can get. If you're looking or a simple USB-C to USB adapter, here are the best ones.

Anker Usb C To A Adapter

2-pack value: Anker USB C to USB Adapter High-Speed Data Transfer (2 pack)

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If you don't like the idea of carrying around a dongle that has an extra cord, this Anker USB-C to USB-A adapter is a tiny solution. The small dongle will fit on the end of any USB cord and conveniently convert it to a USB-C connection. It uses USB OTG, and the USB-A end is 3.0, so not only will your iPhone or iPad connect but can also connect your hard drives, printers, and other devices.

$17 at Amazon

3.1 speeds and data transfer: Anker USB-C to USB 3.1 Adapter

If you want the speed of USB-A 3.1, the Anker USB-C to USB-A adapter is the option for you. This small cable has a female USB-A end attached to a male USB-C end and can be used to charge devices as well as transfer data.

$15 at Amazon
Insignia USB-C to USB Adapter

Short flexible cable: Insignia USB-C to USB-A adapter

The Insignia USB-C to USB-A adapter offers you a USB 3.0 connection and data transfer speeds of up to 5 GBs per second. Its short but flexible cable helps make connections easier in close quarters.

$10 at Best Buy
AmazonBasics USB-C Adapter

3A power output: AmazonBasics USB-C to USB-A Adapter

With a USB 3.1 port, the AmazonBasics USB-C to USB-A adapter can give you the fastest data transfer speeds you can get, all while having a power output of 3A, making charging your device through your MacBook a breeze.

$11 at Amazon

Most adapters offer similar preformance

There isn't a huge difference in USB-C adapters so any one you get will help out your best Mac. These days all the major manufacturers for these types of accessories have perfected their design and implementation, so you really can't go wrong with any option. Of course, if you want a lot more ports, you'll need to look on of the best USB-C ports instead.

I would personally suggest the two-pack of the Anker USB-C to USB Adapter because you get two!. If you have the MacBook Air, this means you can have both of your USB-C ports working for you and your USB accessories, rather than only having the one. It just gives you more options if you need them.

Of course, there is something to be said for the usefulness of a flexible cable on the adapter — like the one on the AmazonBasics USB-C to USB-A Adapter. If you have a tight space or your MacBook Pro is connected to a monitor, having that little extra length can make help you ensure the adapter works in the area you have.

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