The only way to charge your Joy-Cons when you first unbox a Nintendo Switch is to connect them to the console. This works great most of the time, but what if you have multiple sets of Joy-Cons and need to get ready for a multiplayer showdown in your living room?

Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

You need other ways to charge your extra controllers. Here are our top five picks!

Nyko Charging Station

Nyko is basically the golden standard in third-party accessories for consoles, and it's not hard to see why. The price is almost always the cheapest, and the hardware tends to last a while.

The Nyko 4-in-1 charging station is perfect for extra Joy Cons, and for $20 you know you're getting something solid.

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Insten Charging Station

The cylindrical station uses USB Type C to charge, so you're using the same cable you would already be using to charge a Pro Controller if you've got one.

It's a nice looking charger, especially if you have multiple colorful Joy-Cons to choose from, and for $17 you really can't beat the price.

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Orbeet Charging Station

Instead of the standard rail slot like you see everywhere else, Orbeet has a dock that looks a little more like a traditional controller dock. The Joy-Cons still charge using that inner rail, but only the bottom part is connected. It's a clever bit of design to give this a unique look.

This charging station also has two USB ports on the front of it, which means this $15 charger is going to also charge your Pro Controllers if you need.

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Mario Charging Station

The Mario-themed charger works for the Joy Cons as well as a Pro Controller, and unlike other chargers with this design you get some classic Mario stylings to complement your controllers.

This is a perfect kit for anyone with just the one extra set of Joy-Cons, and for $35 you get all of your charging in a single dock.

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Nintendo Switch Joy Con Charger

This official Nintendo-branded charger will match your Switch Dock perfectly, which is great for anyone prominently displaying the Switch on their entertainment center.

It's a standard dock with slots for four Joy-Cons, only you actually get lights up top to let you know when the controllers are fully charged. For $27 it's nice to keep that Nintendo logo facing forward.

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