The Apple ecosystem revolves around four key areas: the iPhone, the iPad, the Mac and connected home experiences supporting HomeKit. Here we round up the very best products across each of these categories, including devices, accessories, apps and crown runner ups for them as well.

Which products stood out in 2018? Join us to find out!

Best of iPhone

Best iPhone of 2018

iPhone XS

The best iPhone for most people.

The iPhone XS gives you the biggest bang for your buck with the most advanced features, the best camera, and the largest screen in the smallest package.

Best iPhone accessory of 2018

Nomad Base Station Hub

Wireless charging pad for two with extra ports.

When you need to charge two iPhones, an iPad, and your Apple TV remote at the same time, the Nomad Base Station Hub has you covered.

Best iPhone app of 2018

OmniFocus 3

The most powerful productivity app your iPhone can handle.

OmniFocus will help you become the most organized person on your block. With a wide variety of planning features, you'll never be lost on a project.

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Best of iPad

Best iPad of 2018

6th-generation 9.7-inch iPad

The lowest price with Apple Pencil support.

The 6th-generation 9.7-inch iPad is the perfect blend of features and price. It's got a fantastic Retina display, A10 Fusion chip with a super fast processor, and more. With the addition of Apple Pencil support, it's the best iPad for the price.

Best iPad accessory of 2018

Apple Pencil (1st & 2nd gen)

Now supports all iPad models (except the poor iPad mini).

Apple Pencil is not new, but what it supports is, and with the second-generation Apple Pencil, charging is a snap.

Best iPad app of 2018

Affinity Designer

The most comprehensive graphics editing program around.

Beginners and pros alike love Affinity Designer's plethora of unique and useful features.

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Best of Mac 2018

Best Mac of 2018

MacBook Air (2018)

The perfect Mac for most people.

If you want something you can take everywhere, do everything on, and not have to pay too much of a premium for it, then get the MacBook Air. It's the new normal.

Best Mac accessory of 2018

Blackmagic eGPU

Superior graphics for mobile computing.

Take your MacBook Pro to the next level with Blackmagic's eGPU and experience a powerhouse of graphics possibilities, including full VR.

Best Mac app of 2018

Tweetbot 4

Holds onto what's great about third-party Twitter clients.

Evan after the storm hit and Twitter client developers lost some of their most important features, Tweetbot managed to continue to provide the best possible experience with the new regulations.

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Best of Smart Home 2018

Best Smart Home Product of 2018

Google Home Hub

The must-have Smart Home product for most people.

The Google Home Hub brings a smart display and Google Assistant to any room in your house, with no concerns about blue light, excessive brightness or security.

Best Smart Display of 2018

Lenovo Smart Display

The best smart display on the market

Lenovo offers the most complete smart display for your kitchen, or other public area, with excellent audio, a vibrant display and the power of Google Assistant in a stylish display that's available in two sizes.

Best Smart Speaker of 2018

Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Sleek and stylish with excellent sound.

A compact size, affordable price tag and stylish design make the Echo Dot 3rd Generation the best smart speaker of 2018. Being an echo, it also means it's powered by Alexa with all the goodies that Amazon's assistant has to offer.

Best Smart Lighting of 2018

Philips Hue Play

Create the ultimate lighting experience with a compact light bar.

A full light experience that rivals products many times its size, the Philips Hue Play offers the ultimate customizable lighting experience. Whether it's on the floor, on a cabinet or mounted to the back of your TV, immerse yourself with this gorgeous addition to smart lighting in 2018.

Best TV of 2018


LG's OLEDs are the best TVs of 2018

Incredible blacks, a beautiful see-through glass effect at the bottom and all the tech you could wish for, make the LG E8 OLED the best TV you can buy right now, if money is no object.

Best Affordable TV of 2018

TCL 6-Series

The best TV you can buy right now on a budget.

This Roku powered TV brings incredible picture, Dolby Vision and HDR Pro support, and all the tech you need at an unbelievably affordable price tag.

Best Mesh Router of 2018

Samsung SmartThings WiFi

A router and a smart hub, all in one.

Support for Gigabit connections, the ability to add as many nodes as you need, an easy set up and a built-in SmartThings hub to control all your smart home technology make the SmartThings WiFi a must-have for your smart home.

Best Smart Security Solution of 2018

Nest Secure

The best smart security solution you can buy right now.

A stylish design, customizable experience, compatibility with all of your Google Assistant devices and close integration with all your Nest products make this a must-have for your home.

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