BlackBerry announces cloud service for managing iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices

BlackBerry has announced a new cloud service for managing users and applications on BlackBerry devices, iOS, and Android. The service requires no servers to install, and devices can be easily managed and secured. Managing devices and users on the service will also require no IT experience, according to BlackBerry:

The cloud service will be purpose-built to meet both business and end user needs, and will require no IT experience, servers, or software. Your employees will get the work information that they need to be more productive and efficient, without an impact on personal use and privacy. Confidently tackle BYOD, manage apps, get friendly technical support, and a whole lot more.

Managers will also be able to build a catalog of apps from the App Store, the Google Play Store, and BlackBerry World store, and then see app distribution and usage among all users. An end-user can perform common tasks for their devices through a self-service portal, which BlackBerry hopes will allow users to help themselves, reducing calls to a helpdesk.

Availibility of the service has yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, BBM for iOS and Android, BlackBerry's much-vaunted messaging service, is still MIA following an aborted launch last month.

Source: BlackBerry for Business blog

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  • Blackberry is good at announcing things...
  • Mastered that.
  • Glad they announced this but still 3 weeks late on bbm that was pulled for bs reasons and is now back in beta testing? Lol
  • Someone looking for an enterprise level client management service would be looking at companies that are stable and expected to be around for a few years. They would not be looking at BB. Poor BB, always a few years too late to the table.
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