Marques Brownlee, on his wildly successful MKBHD channel, has put together an extraordinary blind camera shootout:

No spoilers, but it turns out the cameras nerds love for color accuracy and sharpness aren't the ones everyone, including nerds, prefer when seeing them side by side on small, highly compressed social media sites. There, bright, highly saturated, images win.

I wonder if full-frame Canon and Nikon cameras with the best glass had been included, if they'd have fared any better. I think not.

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Of course, if you have an iPhone, Pixel, Samsung, etc. photo you have far more room to tune, adjust, and even recover it if you need to, where pre-brightened, over-saturated, and black-crushed images won't afford you any of that.

But still, results like this have to make everyone pause and think.

I still think the better cameras are better cameras. Just because millions hit and maybe even prefer McDonald's every day, doesn't mean all the top chefs should give it up for burger flipping.

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