Boost Mobile extends discounted double data offer

Sprint prepaid carrier Boost Mobile announced that its double data promotion, which was set to expire yesterday, will be extended for a limited time. With the promotion, not only will customers get double the data, but they will get the bonus at a cheaper price. The promotion slashes the data plan offerings by $5 while doubling the data and giving customers unlimited talk and text.

Under the promotion, the $40 plan that normally would give you unlimited talk, text, and 500 MB of data would cost just $35 for unlimited talk and text while adding 1 GB of data. There are three tiers in the prepaid plan structure. A $45 plan would give you 5 GB rather than $50 for 2.5 GB before and the new $55 plan would give users 10 GB of data per month to use rather than 5 GB for $60 previously.

Boost hasn't disclosed how long the limited time promotion will end this time around, though CNET's Roger Cheng is reporting that the deal will now expire January 5.

The prepaid carrier offers some recently released phones, including the Sharp AQUOS and the iPhone 6.

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Chuong H Nguyen