Boost Mobile introduces new family plan, international calling to Mexico and more

Prepaid carrier Boost Mobile has announced new plans, offers, and options for both new and old customers. These include a new family plan system, enhancements to international calling, and more.

Boost Mobile has introduced a new family plan, offering unlimited talk and text, with a choice between 1.5GB and 5GB per month. Starting with two lines, customers can get either data allotment for $70 per month. Three lines and 1.5GB will run you $90 per month, while 5GB costs $95. There's also a 4-line plan for $100 with 1.5GB, and $120 for 5GB. While the high-speed data is limited, data itself is unlimited, with slower speeds kicking in after you use up your data allowance.

Customers now have the option of adding unlimited talk and text to and from Mexico on Boost for and extra $5 per month. With this plan, you'll be able to use your Boost plan in Mexico, with up to 8GB in roaming data.

Boost Mobile is also introducing Boost Premiere, offering greater payment flexibility. Customers who sign up for Premiere can get an extra 14 days to pay their bill after their initial due date before service is interrupted. Customers can also receive free incoming calls and texts even if they haven't paid for 60 days.

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