Bored now.

That the iPhone looks pretty much the same this year as it did last. Of course, this meme is unburied, reanimated, and set to lurch following every new device announcement. Never mind that the iPhone 5 has been completely rebuilt at almost the atomic level, it's still a rounded rectangle. Apple's not designing by dice roll. They're relentlessly working towards something they've had in mind since 2005. Something inevitable. Something unmolested by the whims, vagaries, and expectations of kitsch and chaos. But before anyone utters "bored now"...

Let's look at how much Nokia has changed their design every year, from the N9 to the Lumia 900 and Lumia 920.

Samsung from the Galaxy S to Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III.

HTC from the EVO 4G and Thunderbolt to the One X.

And, of course, Lamborghini's from the Murciélago to Gallardo and Aventador.

Calling the iPhone 5 boring is easy. It's a talking point. A tag line. It's the first ten words. What are the next ten? Tell me those. Tell me how the new manufacturing process with metal back and chamfered edges is in any way the same and I'll admit to being "bored now" as well.

Chances are nobody can. And that's the real "bored now".

Rene Ritchie

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