Bravely Default II has been delayed to February 2021

Bravely Default
Bravely Default (Image credit: Nintendo)

What you need to know

  • The release of Bravely Default II has been delayed until Feb. 26, 2021.
  • A video on how the game has changed since the March demo release is coming soon.
  • Preorders are available now.

Today's Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, the last of the year, featured gameplay from Bravely Default II and gave the game an official release date. While it was initially scheduled to come out sometime in 2020, the game has been delayed to Feb. 26, 2021 to give Square Enix more time to make changes based on feedback from the demo released in March.

More than 20,000 players filled out a feedback survey on the demo, mostly criticizing the difficulty level and controls. The developers are focused on adjusting them and the game will include a casual difficulty with weaker overall enemies and a hard mode where they'll be more challenging. These settings can be changed at any time. A video on all the modifications that have been made based on fan feedback will be posted on the game's website and Nintendo's YouTube channel later today.

The partner showcase also provided a look at the game's four new Heroes of Light:

  • Seth, a young sailor, is the game's primary protagonist. He washes up on the shores of the continent of Excillant.
  • The traveling scholar Elvis and mercenary for hire Adelle are both working to decipher a magical book.
  • Gloria is a princess from the a fallen kingdom Musa, which was destroyed by forces trying to steal its crystals.

Bravely Default 2 Shirley

Bravely Default 2 Shirley (Image credit: Nintendo)

Guided by crystals, the four will encounter Asterisk holders - powerful bosses with their own jobs that the Heroes of Light can learn once they've been defeated. The mini introduced four of them:

  • Dag Rampage, bearer of the Vanguard asterisk, protects his allies with heavy armor and a shield.
  • Orpheus Tragoidia, Bard, uses music to help allies and hinder enemies, hitting multiple targets at once.
  • Anihal, Beastmaster, can summon and control monsters and can catch monsters to fight alongside her.
  • Shirley Clarence, Gambler, uses luck-based powers that can unleash devastating elemental attacks that can sometimes go awry and hit her allies instead.

These will all be found in the early game, but Nintendo has promised to introduce more characters soon. Check back for more details on the RPG ahead of its release.

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