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BT returns to the mobile phone market with new 4G LTE plans

BT has re-entered the UK mobile phone market after the company announced plans to purchase EE for £12.5 billion. The comms giant will initially use spectrum provided by EE in a partnership, as well as spectrum BT owns itself. To entice customers, BT will offer those who sign up to the new 12-month contracts (opens in new tab) the ability to watch Premier League football matches via an app.

The company will also offer an aggressively-priced basic plan, which will include 200 minutes, 500MB of 4G data and will set customers back by £10 a month (£5 a month if you already hold a BT broadband subscription). Everything announced today so far is SIM-only too, enabling consumers from other networks to migrate across using handsets they already own. BT will also sell handsets from its online store.

The move is more of a holding plan, a temporary measure while talks continue regarding the £12.5 billion takeover of EE by BT. As noted above, BT was previously involved with the mobile market in the form of Cellnet, which the company sold to O2 who was subsequently picked up by Telefonica. It'll be interesting to see how the UK market shapes up should the EE acquisition go ahead.

Source: BT

  • A welcome return to mobile services, never understood why they gave up!
    But 200 mins and 500MB for £10 is no longer a good deal.. Well, it's not something you can't get elsewhere.
    AND you have to have a 12 month contract? lol. No. You get a lot more for your buck on a pay as you go nowadays.
  • Pay as you go isn't quite as good either. In fact pay as you go is worse, you have to top up at least £15 if you want a decent amount of data and minutes. Sent from the iMore App
  • yep, yep, GiffGaff wins hands down ;)