Camera+ for iPhone - app review

Camera+ for iPhone is a photography application that allows you to take photos and edit them. tap tap tap claims Camera+ is "all about one thing - GREAT PHOTOS!" How does Camera+ hold up to this expectation? Follow along to find out.

When you launch Camera+, you will be looking at the back of camera with a view finder. Under the viewfinder, where there would normally be a screen on a digital camera, there are two options: take photos and Lightbox. Behind the camera, you can see a little of what your iPhone's camera can see. Inside the viewfinder, you'll see a very small version of exactly what your camera sees. Tap on the viewfinder or "take photos" to take a picture.

When taking a photo, there is a 3x3 grid to help line up your shot (optional). There is also a stabilizer which will not snap the picture until the iPhone is held still. This is great for low light situations or when you are zoomed in (up to 5x).

The Lightbox is where you go to view all the photos you've taken with Camera+. The Lightbox is designed with filmstrips containing 3 photos each and is very visually appealing. None of the photos save to your camera roll until you tell it to. This is great for keeping your camera roll clutter-free of photos you don't want. Tapping a photo brings up options to edit, save, copy, or share. Double tapping a photo makes it larger and provides the same options.

There are 4 different ways to edit your photos: scenes, crops, effects, and borders. Scenes is similar to the different modes you might find on a digital point and shoot camera: auto, flash, sunset, night, backlit, portrait, beach, scenery, concert, food, and text. There are 9 different common crop ratios available. The 21 different effects are categorized as color, retro, and special. I am impressed with all the options and quality of these effects. They are fun and look great. There are 7 different borders to choose from. Most are very basic; the only "fun" one being "instant" which makes your photo look like it was taken with a polaroid camera.

Overall, I was impressed with Camera+. The plethora of good effects makes the app worth it alone. Camera+ does a great job of producing great photos.

[$1.99 - iTunes link]


  • Unique UI
  • 5x zoom, stabilizer, and grid available when taking photos
  • Creatively designed Lightbox to scroll through pictures
  • Many scene modes, crop ratios, borders, and effects
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr
  • Support for multitasking, Retina Display, flash, and front facing camera on iPhone 4
  • Access photo library to edit photos not taken with Camera+


  • Landscape only supported when taking and viewing photos
  • Cannot view photos in full screen
  • Saving a photo to camera roll removes it from the Lightbox

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Leanna Lofte

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