Can I play Luigi's Mansion 3 without playing the previous games?

Luigi's Mansion 3 Egad Portrait
Luigi's Mansion 3 Egad Portrait (Image credit: Nintendo)

Can I play Luigi's Mansion 3 without playing the previous games?

Best answer: Yes, you don't need to pick up the previous Luigi's Mansion games to enjoy Luigi's Mansion 3 on the Nintendo Switch. Most of the main characters are familiar to the Mario franchise, and those who aren't are new to the game, save a few faces from the series. The game is easy to pick up and play, regardless of your previous knowledge of the series.Ghoulish gaming: Luigi's Mansion 3 ($60 at Amazon)

A whole new spooky world

Finally! The third installment in the well-loved Luigi's Mansion series is out, and it's plenty of spooky fun. However, if you are holding out on buying it because of that number three in the title, there's no need. While the game references specific details from the previous iterations, like returning character Professor E. Gadd, the game doesn't need any context from the earlier franchise entries.

The gameplay has been tweaked since the original, the storyline is straightforward and requires little backstory, and there are plenty of new things to make the experience great for veteran players as well.

What do you need to know?

Luigi's Mansion 3 screenshot

Luigi's Mansion 3 screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

Honestly, nothing at all. If you are a fan of the Super Mario Brothers franchise, chances are you'll be familiar with the cast of characters. Luigi plays the reluctant hero, while his 'more famous' brother Mario, Princess Peach, several Toads, and even the recognizable villain play a role in this creepy adventure. Aside from the ghost dog and Professor E. Gadd, the characters in Luigi's Mansion 3 are all new down to the very last ghost.

The story itself is easy to pick up on, and it pretty much throws you right into the game. There's no need for complicated backstory here; it's all about the puzzle-solving and ghostbusting gameplay.

When it comes to maneuvering Luigi, the developers don't leave you hanging. They also don't hold your hand with long, drawn-out tutorials. Instead, the Polterpup helps players get used to gameplay and assists when you're truly stuck. Newcomers are brought up to speed the moment they pick up Poltergust G-00. Additionally, players can access a game log to check on their progress or check in with the professor using the VB, or Virtual Boo. (I see what you did there, Nintendo.) So, while veteran players will undoubtedly recall the earlier games and jump right in, anyone new to the series can start just as quickly.

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