Best answer: As of this writing, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bundle is out of stock at all official retailers, though there are some third-party sellers offering it at a premium.

Amazon: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch Bundle ($480)

Keep looking out

While the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch bundle is sold out at most retailers, there's reason to hold out for a potential return. This bundle sold out far faster than any other Switch bundle to date, and Nintendo may decide to release more for the Christmas season.

That's why it's always good to keep checking back at your favorite retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. Add these items to your wish list or watch list and they'll even notify you when they're back in stock.

You can always buy it from resellers

Part of the reason for the current shortage is because resellers have bought up a good chunk of the initial stock. As such, you may see the bundle going as high as $470 at places like Amazon and eBay when it normally retails for $360.

We'd suggest holding out if you can, but if December 7 — Smash Bros. Ultimate's release date — rolls around and you still can't buy one proper but just have to have this special edition Switch, this is a viable alternative.

And this will sound blasphemous to some, but if you don't care about the Smash Bros. etchings on the Switch Joy-Cons and dock, you can pick up a brand new Nintendo Switch and a copy of Smash Bros. Ultimate for the same price that this bundle normally costs.

Our pick

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch Bundle

A special Nintendo Switch console for Smash players.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch bundle includes the console and the digital version of the game. You could buy these two items separately for the same cost of buying the bundle, but this one has those special Smash Bros. markings we know you can't resist.

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