Can you use a tablet stand with your Nintendo Switch?

Can you use a tablet stand with your Nintendo Switch?

Why use a tablet stand with your Nintendo Switch?

Are you unsure about the built-in kickstand that the Nintendo Switch has? Is it a bit too flimsy for your tastes? Do you want to be able to charge your Nintendo Switch while playing in tablet mode? If so ,then you've come to the right place.

There are approximately three types of tablet stands available for the Nintendo Switch - which type will be suitable for you will depend entirely on your setup and gameplay goal. If you are looking to play in bed, in a cafe, on the go, on a train or even in a plane, then the stand that you choose will have to meet that requirement.

If you are looking to only play in tabletop mode while you are in bed, then a Gooseneck stand would be your best bet. These stands can hold the Nintendo Switch upside down which means that you could position the Nintendo Switch directly above your head. If playing on-the-go is more your thing, then I'd recommend a stand that is light and can be folded up quickly for easy portability. Not sure what to pick? Here are our top suggestions.

Gooseneck stands

These are stands that look like a Gooseneck. This curved design is a lot more stable and stronger than simply having a straight arm which could easily drop down when any weight is applied to it. This type of stand is usually only suitable for holding a device. It is possible to use the touchscreens on any devices that are attached to a Gooseneck stand, but they will wobble a bit and this may be quite disorientating. These types of stands also usually attach onto a table, desk, or bookcase with a clamp and aare not particularly portable.

The upside to these types of stands are that they are really sturdy and capable of holding your Nintendo Switch at any angle and you charge it is as it's being used. However, they are hard to remove and it can be awkward for some people to use the touchscreen functions due to the wobbling.

Elevation stands

These are stands that can be placed anywhere on a reasonably stable surface, are portable, and often quite compact. These types of stands are great for when you are on-the-go, such as travelling on a train or airplane where there is a small, and perhaps not so sturdy table available.

The best part about these types of stands are that they stabilize your Nintendo Switch on surfaces which may not be that sturdy to begin with. Plus, it charges it as you play. Admittedly, they are difficult to use in bed and only have limited number of viewing angles to choose from.

Folding tablet style stands

These are stands that double as both a protective Nintendo Switch case and a stand. Similar to the more traditional tablet covers, these can can be folded over and then propped up at the back to create a triangle which is capable of supporting the weight of a Nintendo Switch. The downside to using this type of stand is that they only protect the screen section and not the joy-cons themselves.

These folding stands are that they have a nice aesthetic and they also do a great job of protecting the Switch screen when it's not in use. However, they are difficult to use in bed, have only a limited number of viewing angles, and the Nintendo Switch won't be able to charge as you play.

Choose what best suits your needs

Having a tablet stand could really be beneficial depending on how you plan to use your Nintendo Switch. All of these table stands are solid choices for holding your Switch while you game. With all of these options, the possiblilites are endless. Over all, the Tyrone Gooseneck Tablet Stand is the best option for comfortable gaming at home. With a bendable gooseneck and a sturdy clamp, there's no worry here about your arms getting tired. Play on!

Natalie Houghton