CASETiFY Apple Watch Bands review: Spoiled for choice

CASETiFY is one of my favorite makers of accessories for my Apple devices. They have so many different design options, plus you can even design your own if their standard offerings are not enough. Today I'm going hands-on with two of their latest Apple Watch band styles: Essential Color Collection and Glitter Apple Watch Band.

The Good

  • Tons of designs
  • Comfortable
  • Attractive
  • Suitable for smaller wrists
  • Variety of materials

The Bad

  • Not the most luxe
  • Limited hardware finsishes

Bang for your buck

CASETiFY Apple Watch Band: Features

CASETiFY Apple Watch Band

CASETiFY makes five different types of Apple Watch bands: Printed Saffiano Leather, Metal Link Bracelet, Essential Color Collection, 2-in-1 Italian Leather Watch Band Kit, and Glitter Apple Watch Bands. CASETiFY is probably most known for its Printed Saffiano Leather bands, which you can order in an endless array of designs. You can upload your own design if their selection isn't sufficient. You'll find the best selection and custom options on CASETiFY's website, but there is also a limited selection for sale at a discount on Amazon. Saffiano leather isn't leather at all, it's a vegan faux leather that has the advantage of being water-resistant. It's also scratch-resistant and sweat-resistant, so it's made for wearing to the gym as well as the office.

The new Essential Color Collection bands are made of saffiano leather, but unlike the Printed Saffiano Leather Bands, they are padded. This makes them thicker and more substantial-feeling. The Essential Color Collection is nine colors, including the Lavender and Light Pink (which is a peachy nude shade) seen in my photos below. You get three hardware colors from which to choose: Silver, Gold, and Space Gray. Note that the hardware has a matte finish, so it will most closely match the aluminum Apple Watch styles. I have a stainless steel Apple Watch, so while CASEFiFY's Silver hardware matches the color of my Apple Watch, it doesn't match the finish. Mis-matched finishes don't bother me, but it's important to note in case it would bother you.

I have all of my CASETiFY bands in regular rotation. They are quite comfortable to wear and appropriate for a wide variety of settings.

The new Glitter Apple Watch Bands are festive and fun. These are the kind of bands people notice and compliment. In fact, my mother-in-law told me that I should wear this band to my daughter's upcoming wedding! Perhaps I will. There are four sparkly colors from which to choose: Gold, Silver, Pink, and Blue. I have the Silver and Blue, as you can see in my photos above. There is only one hardware color for this style: Silver. It's a shiny silver, so it goes beautifully with my stainless steel watch. It might not go as nicely with an aluminum watch. The band's glitter surface is fairly rough to the touch, but where the band touches your skin it is smooth and comfortable. I have a cheap glitter band from eBay that looks similar, but the glitter is scratchy and extends around the edges so it's not as comfortable to wear as this one is. Note that the inside of the band is genuine leather, not faux saffiano leather like the other bands. So, you probably don't want to get this band wet. The glitter isn't the kind that sheds or wears off, so you don't have to worry about bald spots or getting glitter everywhere.

Both of these watch band styles come in both the 38/40mm and 42/44mm styles. My wrists are fairly small and I usually have to use the last or second-to-last hole on third-party watch bands. Sometimes I even have to have another hole drilled so I can wear the watch snugly enough to stay in place. But the CASETiFY bands fit me fine, with more holes to go so someone with smaller wrists than mine could still wear them.

Stunning variety

CASETiFY Apple Watch Band: What I like

I love the looks of these bands. The Essential Color Collection consists of gorgeous colors, all made from saffiano faux leather so you can go straight from the office to the gym without swapping out your band. Most water-resistant, sweat-resistant bands have a sporty look, while this band has an elevated look you can wear anywhere.

The Glitter Apple Watch Bands are so special. If you like a blingy look as much as I do, you'll love these bands. I'll wear one of these bands to dress up my jeans and t-shirt outfits, and I'll wear it to formal events.

CASETiFY Apple Watch Band

Not that luxe

CASETiFY Apple Watch Band: What I don't like

The quality of these bands is just fine, I did not have a problem with it. Certainly they are comfortable. It's just that I've tested an awful lot of bands, and there are others that seem more luxurious. For example, the adapters fit fine and I've never had a problem with them, but there are others that slide in and out more like butter. The saffiano leather is, unsurprisingly, a bit plastic-like in look and feel. It's not as supple as some bands are, though I expect it to get softer over time. Even the Glitter bands, which are genuine leather, are a little stiff. Generally, the more luxe bands cost more than this one, so I do think CASETiFY bands are worth their price.

Worthwhile purchase

CASETiFY Apple Watch Band: Bottom line

I have all of my CASETiFY bands in regular rotation. You cannot beat the variety of styles to suit every taste. They are quite comfortable to wear and appropriate for a wide variety of settings. If you don't like to change up your band very often, I recommend picking a color from the Essential Color Collection that fits your wardrobe. It's both dressy enough for the office and hardy enough for the gym. If you want a dressier band that soups up a simple outfit or compliments a formal one, I'd recommend the Glitter Apple Watch band.


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