Casio ProTrek Smart review: Adventure watch

Casio gets a lot more attention than some other watchmakers on the MrMobile channel, and that's because it's one of the few companies doing something different with Android Wear. Last year, I reviewed the company's feature-packed but pricey WSD-F10 outdoor smartwatch, and this summer's sequel has ditched the clunky model number for a (slightly) streamlined brand name.

Much else is familiar though; the ProTrek Smart keeps the chunky frame, water resistance, and the high price point – not to mention the confusing lack of both a heart rate monitor and an ambient light sensor. But there's one major addition that puts the Casio ProTrek Smart firmly in "what last year's model should have been" territory: baked-in GPS.

Does the addition of standalone navigation make this colossal chronometer worth its price tag? Tune in for the Casio ProTrek Smart Review by MrMobile to find out!

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