Caviar Iphone 12 Pro Steve JobsSource: Caviar

What you need to know

  • Caviar's new iPhone 12 Pro models have a fragment of Steve Jobs' iconic turtleneck inside and that's just weird.

Caviar is a company that has long made a name for itself by taking Apple's iPhones and turning them into abominations. They always have stones where they have no place being and weird images and text slapped on the back. But the Russian company has outdone itself with the iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4. Because oh my.

As the name suggests, this thing is supposed to pay homage to Steve Jobs and the iPhone 4 – the last iPhone he personally announced. That's fine, I guess. We can all probably get behind that, right?

Steve Jobs, the founder and most successful Apple CEO, and his last personally presented iPhone 4, inspired Caviar's designers to create the unique iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4 White gadget.

The exclusive smartphone combines the laconic, austere design of the fourth generation of the iPhone and the innovative advanced technologies of the latest line of Apple products.

But then things get weird. Things get very weird indeed.

The G10 case, covered with white jewelry enamel, reminiscent of the original design of the iPhone 4, is decorated with a piece of the legendary Steve Jobs turtleneck. The piece is in the center of the logo with a bitten apple of 925 silver. A part of the legendary personality and a jewelry masterpiece are in your hands!

Wait, what?

Caviar makes it sound like it got its hands on one of Jobs' own turtlenecks here and I can't decide if that's what actually happened or not. If it did, that's really weird. And if this is just a normal black sweatshirt that's being passed off as the real thing, that's just icky. Neither option is a great one.

Pricing starts at around $6500 which is obviously insane and it goes up from there. Because sure, why not?

Oh, I know why. Because it's an affront to anyone with an ounce of taste.