Celebrate the Nintendo Switch's anniversary with WaterField's SwitchPack

Today, San Francisco-based custom device case manufacturer WaterField Designs announced the latest addition to its line of specialty carrying cases for the Nintendo Switch to celebrate the versatile gaming console's first birthday. Called the SwitchPack, the case makes sure your Switch stays charged so you can game on the go while also securely and efficiently holding everything you need for a great gaming experience.

Each Switchpack is made of a combination of leather and either waxed canvas or ballistic nylon, and features a padded, protective pockets for a power charger, a thin battery pack, and — of course — your Switch with Joy-Cons attached so that they stay charged. However, unlike your usual Switch carrying case, the pockets and sections inside are adjustable, allowing you to pack for multiple play set-ups so you can game how you want, when you want.

The bag can accommodate a wide array of accessories like earbuds, cables, extra JoyCons, and more so you never have to sacrifice your staples for mobility. The dual zippers used to close the bag as well as the ones used to access the smaller pockets within are waterproof, and the compartment that houses your Switch is fronted by an Ultrasuede-lined pocket that actually helps clean the Switch's screen while storing extra games. The case also offers a couple of different carrying options — you can hold it by its rivet-secured leather handles or wear it using the detachable shoulder strap — so you can easily bring it with you everywhere.

WaterField Designs owner Gary Waterfield shared how customer feedback led to the SwitchPack's creation:

We love how passionate our customers are about the Switch. Their suggestions have inspired us to make five Switch cases geared for different uses. Our newest, the SwitchPack, is ideal for gamers who want carry several power sources, and it stores the console with Joy-Cons attached - thanks to the many customers who asked for this feature.

If you're looking to celebrate the Switch's first anniversary by treating it like royalty in carrying case to rival all other carrying cases, you can grab your own SwitchPack for $129 by heading over to WaterField's website. Do note that the more quickly you're able to order it, the faster it'll ship, so if you don't want to wait too long for your new bag you have to hop on it soon. All orders placed today are expected to ship by March 15.

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Are you considering splurging on WaterField's new SwitchPack? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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