CellSpot brings a T-Mobile tower into your home

T-Mobile today announced the T-Mobile Personal CellSpot. The announcement came at T-Mobile's Un-carrier 7 event in San Francisco. The theme of the event was Wi-Fi and this new accessory from T-Mobile will put a "cell tower" directly into your living room.

The T-Mobile Personal CellSpot will be available to customers with just a $25 deposit. There will be no additional cost, nor hassle. Users simple just need to plug it in and use it. Prepaid customers can get one for $99 sans deposit. Those who are prepaid customers can snag the CellSpot for just $99. It's worth noting that it also works as a regular router!

The CellSpot will act as a T-Mobile tower in your house, improving coverage thanks to Wi-Fi tech.

Anyone out there interesting in improving their T-Mobile coverage with the CellSpot?

Sam Sabri