CES 2016

CES is a yearly technology show that takes place in January in Las Vegas. CES is one of the biggest tech events of the year, and typically features multiple major announcements from various big players in the tech industry.

Each year we head to CES in full force, ready to tackle whatever may be thrown our way (and then some). We’ve seen some big announcements from CES in the past, but each year there’s always something that seems to surprise us. The show gets bigger each year, and that means more awesome tech news, devices, products, and services will be coming your way.

While Apple doesn't have an official presence at CES, you can still find a multitude of iPhone & iPad accessories and cases, as well as many homekit-enabled devices from various manufacturers.

What you will find are a slew of other devices like various smart TV’s, Samsung’s SmartThings platform and other connected home accessories, connected toys like Parrot’s AR.Drone, wearables like the Pebble Steel smartwatch, and much more.

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