Griffin introduces trio of new color options for three desktop accessories

It looks like popular accessory maker Griffin is far from done with its CES 2016 announcements, as the company has just introduced new color options for some of its popular desktop accessories. On tap are new gray, gold and black versions of the PowerMate Bluetooth, Elevator, and Guide accessories that perfectly match the available colors of the MacBook

The PowerMate Bluetooth, which acts as a wireless controller allowing users to streamline routine tasks by replicating frequently used key commands and the like, is particularly interesting. In addition to a new set of colors on the outside, each color option features a different glow on the base. The gray sports a blue glow, while the gold and black feature a white and red glow, respectively.


Like the PowerMate Bluetooth, the Elevator laptop stand — which, as its name implies, elevates your MacBook to a slightly more comfortable position — is getting the same set of new color options. And finally, Griffin's cable management accessory, Guide, will also be available in gold, gray and silver offerings, in addition to the current orange option.


Griffin says that the new Elevator and Guide color options will be available for $40 each starting in March 2016, while the new PowerMate Bluetooth colors will be available sometime in Q2 2016 for $60. And if you happen to be at CES 2016, you can check out the new accessory options at Griffin's booth.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster