What you need to know

  • Tom's Guide has produced a battery comparison of the iPhone 11.
  • They tested the iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max,
  • As expected, the Pro Max won by a significant margin.

Tom's Guide has just posted the results of its iPhone 11 battery test in a bid to determine which of Apple's new flagship smartphones will last the longest. When Apple announced the new iPhone 11, one of the most exciting updates was the increase in battery life. Apple's own website purports that the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max offer increases of 4 and 5 hours respectively on the previous iPhone XS. Of course, the Max/Plus version of Apple's iPhone has always led the pack when it comes to iPhone battery life due to its much larger form factor.

With that in mind, Tom's Guide's test pits all 3 new iPhones against each other. The phones were each set to 150 nits of brightness, and then made to continuously surf the web over 4G LTE on T-Mobile (no doubt looking at Untitled Goose Game memes)

As expected, the iPhone 11 Pro Max was the clear winner. The battery averaged a run time of 11 hours and 54 minutes (Galaxy Note 10 Plus scored 11:09 in a similar test).

In second place was the iPhone 11, which lasted 11:16. This is likely due to the efficiency of the iPhone 11's LCD screen. Even though the 11 Pro has a larger battery than the iPhone 11(3046mAh vs 3190 mAh), it only manged to score an average of 10:24, a marked drop off in improvement compared to both the 11 and the Pro Max.