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Comcast is reportedly interested in acquiring T-Mobile US

Deutsche Telekom is now said to be in talks with Comcast about a potential sale of T-Mobile US. Recently, the Comcast deal fell through with Time Warner, and it was reported that Dish was interested in T-Mobile as well.

According to Reuters, Comcast is considered to be the "more attractive" buyer for T-Mobile by the parent company. With Comcast's current financial situation, the company would be able to purchase all of the T-Mobile US shares. T-Mobile has been the center of a few acquisitions to date, all of which have fallen through.

Source: Reuters

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  • This is awful news and downright scary. It would make me run for the hills to a different, albeit prepaid, carrier.
  • Uh-oh Sent from the iMore App
  • Please T-Mobile stay far away from Comcast, with all the nightmare stories that have come from Comcast in the last couple years alone should be enough to make them stay clear of them.
  • Comcast is like a cancer, I swear to God.
  • You got that right!
  • I can't see John Legere approving of this. Sent from the iMore App
  • Unfortunately, he has no say in the matter as T-Mobile US is fully owned by Deutsche Telekom, so they call the shots. :(
  • Could you imagine Comcast taking over T-Mobile.... You would have to bundle and if you try to unbundle you have to pay more somehow..... That and they would do 1st year one price.... 2nd year it goes up $50-100.... Lol Sent from the iMore App
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo! Lord, first Dish.. (and I thought it couldn't get worse) .. Now Comcast.. (God, I was so wrong!)
  • O well T Mobile people you are SCREWED now, Comcast will F Up that carrier, glad I stuck with AT&T.
  • After Comcast gets their hands in here, T Mobile will truly be T Slowble.
  • If this happens I'll go to AT&T. That's how bad Comcast is!
  • Get ready for the Re-Carrier Initiative!
  • At least Dish offers something to the party (spectrum). What does Comcast have other than terrible customer service?
  • Higher bills, greedy executives running the place, agents that are forced to upsell on every single call (I had 4.5 years stuck in that hell hole), no care or consideration for their customers or the quality of their service as long as you pay your bill every month.
  • Neither option was positive, accept for Dish's spectrum. But let's go back, AT&T, Sprint, Dish, Comcast what dark hole did we fall in to deserve these options. What is next Verizon? This like asking Batman which arch enemy Joker or Penguin. Spider-Man Venom or Green Goblin. Strawberry or Vanilla ice cream, when you it should be Chocolate. It will be a catastrophe end to a good company, a true character of a CEO in John Legere. We all know he will leave with a loud exit, that will blow up Twitter, Facebook, you name it. Wait that part might me Awesome. I can hear it now, "T-Mobile come to the dark side", "Your customers deserve higher costs, they want 2 yr contracts, they love hidden fees, and Legere needs to replaced with our yes man CEO. Ours will disappear from the the media and will only do our bidding." " You will love the new T-mobile, it will be like everyone else." Sent from the iMore App