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Comic: Google is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

it sure looks like an iphone. there are only so many ways to make a rounded rectangle!

you were just saying the iphone 7 wasnt innovative because it didnt change enough. this is completely different!

wait for it... the google pixel comes in blue!

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  • So, when Apple copied the Control Center from Android, was that the same? Or no because it slides in from the bottom? Or SplitScreen? PiP? LowPower mode? Honestly, not reinventing the wheel, and trying to perfect what someone else has done isn't copying. You could say that with everything. You could say "Apple stole copy/paste from Android" since Android had it first iirc. Then people would wonder why iOS didn't have copy paste. It's not stealing if it's function not form. I'd say the "rounded rectangle" is function, not form. Otherwise we'd be getting a bunch of things like these:
  • Not attacking here, I agree with you, but you just emphasized the point of this. Most phones are extremely similar in form and function, we are each allowed to have our favorites. Live & let live.
    That said, I wouldn't mind an ergonomic phone shape that is made to fit in my human hand instead of a robot claw. The screen/case doesn't have to be a rectangle; content comes in all shapes and sizes. Sent from the iMore App
  • That copy/paste analogy is quite funny, considering Apple put copy/paste in their OS in 1984. The difference is, while Android had it first, Apple didn't have it until it worked well. Pretty much every review at the time confirmed that point.
  • I generally think Apple hold back on certain things until they get them working right after trying out many, many different ideas to see what works best. Control Center was a long time coming, but it's incredibly easy to quickly swipe up, hit one of the buttons then tap the outside area to dismiss Control Center. On Android you have to scroll down the notification bar, then click a button at the top right, then click the thing you want to toggle, then swipe back up. You can scroll the notification bar down with two fingers to access it quicker but that can't be done one handed. I know it sounds like nitpicking but it's a lot faster to do it on iOS, which if you use it a lot it makes a big difference
  • There are some things easier on iOS and some things harder. Like for instance, settings. You have some settings for apps in the app itself and some for the same app in settings. Why not have it all in one place where it should the app. Sent from the iMore App
  • That's true. Settings is a big one, especially for the default camera app, on macOS the settings are in the app so it should be the same on iOS
  • That depends on what version of Android you're using. On Touchwiz it's just a swipe down to access the quick toggles and then you can swipe up or press an outside area to dismiss the screen. And on "stock" Android, as of Nougat, it's also the same. One swipe down to show the quick settings toggles, swipe up/press outside to dismiss. You only have to double swipe down or swipe with 2 fingers if you want to access the full settings.
  • Apple didn't have it until it worked well? It works the same in android as it does in android. It's more or less, apple didn't want to incorporate it. But eventually did do to backlash. Kind of like widgets. Apple doesn't want you to have it on a home screen so they had to figure out a way for them to be useful without outright copying android. It only took them what, 8 years? And still not as good. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes that is correct. Apple doesn't feel like they have to have all the bullet points. Saying no to it until it'sgood enough. That's a big difference between Android and iOS. Anyone familiar with Apple knows this is how they work. They don't compete with others as much as they compete with what they've already done. Ever ask yourself why Apple doesn't want widgets there? Maybe because it's not the best way to go in their estimation. They certainly have every right to think so. To claim they are wrong? That's silly, and meaningless as an argument.
  • I never said they were wrong. I merely stated it took them 8 years to incorporate widgets and they aren't as good as androids. My opinion though as yours might differ. But if apple software engineers were the best under Steve jobs, cut and paste could and should have been there day one. Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't mean it as "Look Apple copied" I meant it as "logical steps aren't copying" so what this comic is saying is invalid. I wasn't shaming Apple for getting Copy/Paste or "waiting for it to be done right" I'm simply saying "Can we stop saying things are copied when they are just logical steps?"
  • That’s a really good point. Some things are obvious at this point. Copy/paste wasn't an obvious choice in 1984. Today, as people pointed out, it was expected, and surprised them that Apple hadn't incorporated it from the beginning.
  • Forget 1984. Cut n paste has been a staple in computing since the early to mid 90's. the iPhone came out in 2007 and touted as the smartest most magical phone ever created. There was absolutely no reason for it to not have been incorporated. My opinion is that Steve jobs wanted to keep the distance between the iPhone and mac. Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't know, I'm still kinda with the idea that Apple didn't know how to implement it back then, they probably had ideas but weren't happy with them. If any other smartphones had copy and paste back then you probably have to go through some sort of menu to get to it, a bit cumbersome. Eventually Apple got the idea of being able to highlight text by holding down on it, and having the little dragging things to change the selection, along with the menu with copy, paste and other things related to the selection. It might seem like a common sense way to have done it from the start, but many, many ideas will have been thought of as to how to do it, including the selection of text, not just copy/paste, and it takes a while to decide out of all the ideas which one people will easily understand whilst also working well
  • Picture in Picture was actually copied from Opera Browser.
  • Oh my gosh is this one of the most hilarious things I've heard in a long, long time! Ha ha #GoogleiPhone Sent from the iMore App
  • Oh my gosh is this one of the most hilarious things I've heard in a long, long time! Ha ha #GoogleiPhone Sent from the iMore App
  • The iPhone 6/6s/7 look just like the HTC One. Down to the radio band across the back. And seeing how it's HTC who actually built the Google Pixel it makes sense they used the design of their best phone.
  • LoL, GoogleiPhone, too funny, nowadays every phone essentially looks the same, literally, I get confused with what phone is what unless they have unique colors, no one was saying this when every phone was a flip phone, things will soon change, i'm sure apple will be at the forefront of that change, Samesung firePhones will then follow right after, or they'll release a half made phone of what they think Apple is going to do.. #AllnTheNameOfFun #CompetitionIsGood
  • If apple releases the iPhone 8 with curved screens, then they took the cue from Samsung. They take from each other. All companies in the industry do. Sent from the iMore App
  • I can't see Apple releasing a curved screen, it's a gimmick on the Samsung Edge
  • Check out Android Central. The general consensus is that the pixel is... uhh... lets say... not the most attractive phone. Why they would want to copy those massive bezels? Why?
  • Bezels make the phone easier to hold, they have their purpose. Form over function is great to a certain degree, but not going overboard is important too
  • The Google Pixel is truly just an iPhone with a headphone jack and Android OS as opposed to the typical iOS found on Apple branded iPhones.