Comic: Faces of freedom

Happy Saturday, iMore! Because Rich is awesome, he's letting us run some of his Mac-themed comics from the Diesel Sweeties archive on weekends. Bonus comics, woo! We hope you enjoy.

congratulate me on my freedom, damn you.

people can still call you on your phone. ha ha ha

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Rich Stevens

Pixel lover and cartoonist. Still have my original Apple IIgs. See more at or follow him on Twitter @rstevens.

  • Not even is it completely humorless, I don't even understand it. Why is the phone laughing at her? What's the joke?
  • I think the real joke is that Rich Stevens is sitting somewhere laughing at us all as we struggle to find the humor in these comics, thinking we're missing something when really, there's nothing funny about these comics. Sent from the iMore App
  • People act like not using Facebook gives them so much time, and frees them from the distractions of other people. You know, "I uninstalled Crapbook and I'm soooo much more productive now" yet the whole purpose of a phone is communication, and people can still interrupt you, Facebook or no. I get your jokes Rich. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • For me getting rid of Facebook was about getting rid of the crap I don't care about. Idk what it is about the internet and especially Facebook that makes people want to air their dirty laundry and start crap with each other. At least now if I want to talk to someone I am more prone to pick up the phone and call or try to meet them in person. Another benefit was the drag it was on my phone such as Ally wrote about a while back. At one point it was taking up over 3GB of space and that was after turning a bunch of stuff off.
  • Silly. People can still call you but they won't. The girl is indeed "free" in the sense she intended.
  • This is like surrealist humour.
  • i deleted Facebook from my phone not because of any guise of freedom but they have just become a dodgy company and the app is terribly made holding caches that are several gigabytes in size. I just want to give them as little business as possible if there's something interesting there then i usually get a notification and just go straight for that. i really like your comics
  • People still call? Who are they calling, the 90s? (If they *are* calling the 90s, warn them about what happens)
  • That Facebook app was such a drain on my battery, I deleted it and have never been happier. Now, if I want to check Facebook, I do it the same way I do on my Mac: Through Safari...