BlackBerry Storm 2 peizo electric video

Bla1ze over at has posted up a video by Salomondrin that shows off and explains the BlackBerry Storm 2's new "piezo electric" screen technology. In a nutshell, when the Storm 2 is off, the screen is hard just like an iPhone. When the Storm 2 is on, however, it becomes like a sponge beneath a screen coating, so a user can "push" into it to register a click, double-click, or multi-clicks.

Looks nifty, and it will likely make the Storm 2 much more palatable than the Storm 1 to die-hard QUERTY CrackBerrians. iPhone users? Well, I like tapping, swiping, pinching, etc. so I'm not click dependent, and at the end of the day, it's the OS behind the input method(s) that Apple's nailed oh-so-elegantly for me.

Only time, hands-on, and perhaps this year's Round Robin will tell!