The Competition: Motorola Droid Images Emerge

Just a few days ago Verizon started their iDoesn't campaign specifically targeting Apple's iPhone. Well late last night images started to emerge all over the blogs, including our very own Android Central, giving us a sneak peek to what may be some legitimate iPhone competition. After a hands on, BGR came away mighty impressed. Here are just a few of the highlights spotlighted by BGR:

  • It’s thin. Just slightly thicker than an iPhone 3GS and the thinnest QWERTY-slider we’ve ever seen.
  • It is the fastest Android device we’ve ever used. (It’s running a TI OMAP3430 processor)
  • Awesome capacitive display. Plus it’s huge. Easily the best screen we’ve ever seen on an Android handset, and an amazing screen overall.

The specs seem impressive but I'm not sold on the look of the device yet. What are your thoughts on this new Motorola Android device? Do you think Apple is shaking in their boots? Let us know in the comments!

  • Apple has nothing to worry about. I don't like this at all, but I'm a big fan of the iPhone keyboard.
  • I don't like the verizon logo, or the huge motorola across the top, but besides that, the phone looks decent. The most important part of the article is that its fast, and has a great screen.. but because its motorola.. people won't flock to it like they do the iphone.. Brand means something.. and motorola vs apple.. isn't even close.
  • Yeah, but is there an app for that? (or 85,000 apps)
  • A physical keyboard is a mistake on thier part. Moving parts make phones feel and look cheap. This is the same saga as the palm pre. The pre has the best designed slide out keyboard yet in my opinion, but it still feels like a flimsy piece of crap compared to any slab style phone, let alone the iPhone
  • iDoes ugly
  • This will put a hurt on the Pre.
  • A character could use this thing in a movie taking place in the 70s, and the audience wouldn't even notice it didn't belong. Ughh... :roll:
  • Looking at the phone again.. I also hate the gold enter button.. but, I would still like to see it in action.. if it runs smooth, I could deal with the looks.. although at this point.. I've purchased far to many apps, and have far to deep of a itunes library to switch.. you got me iphone.. you got me.
  • The navigation pad on the keyboard doesn't look square for some reason, kinda strange looking. And the gold button doesn't fit, but I think they said this isn't a final build model.
    I kinda like it. Get me a GSM version Moto.
  • Queue the "Yuck, I hate real keyboards" posts in 3, 2, 1...
    Hint: it runs Android! Got that? It has an on screen keyboard too.
    Oh, and...
    Anyone faulting Motorla build quality on high end phones is clueless.
  • I really like it and hope it opens apples eyes up. iPhone needs a competitor and this could be a great push. Considering the G1 go not love or attention from t-mobile and google. I hope this is a game changer Im getting tired or apples attitude and some of their practices. BTW i do run a jailbroken iphone to satisfy me needs.
  • eww! haha
  • This is what the hype was all about? Ill stick with the iphone 3gs. The problem IMO is not the os in the andriod and the web os. They both have a great os right up there with the iphone os.Its the design and hardware that kill it for me.
  • Looks like I'll be getting a new phone. I'll actually be able to get phone service when I need my phone!! The iphone is nice but AT&T is doo doo....
  • @Joseph
    Do you really think apple is going to change up the iphone that much..? I'll be suprised if they do, pleasently surprised.. but I don't see too many changes in the looks department coming.. Maybe its just cause it hasn't changed since its come out.. I don't even know what they could make it look like.. this is all I know. lol.
  • People around me I've shown this pic and the ad said "the ad is cool, but they need a decent phone to take on the iphone, and this ugly thing can't be it"'s too f'ing fugly!
  • It looks like a Dare with a slide out keyboard.
  • @icebike
    Not sure if you were saying that about my comment.. the clueless about motorola part.. but what I meant in my apple vs motorola comment was basically.. to most people, this is just going to be another motorola phone, like the razor, the rocr, the slvr.. and whatever else.. to me, the biggest advantage that apple has, is that they have one distinct phone.. it helps their brand by being a great phone that you don't think of anything else.. when common folk think of motorola.. I promise.. ravr problems and a lot of others will come to mind.. because of the brand name.
  • I personally think the iPhone is the best thing smoking! Everyone wants it & the competition is trying to be it.
  • Yes, but what about the fact that the network you Apple Fanboys beloved iphone is on is GARBAGE (hate T&T) There's a MAP for that! Enough said, End of Discussion!
  • Another phone that fails to dethrone the iPhone. Bring on the rest of those ugly anroid phones
  • BGR isvery positive about this phone. Wait for a full hands on review before writing this off. It sounds like it has some cool docking capabilities (video output?). My concern is that it's running stock android. I realize this is a new version but I'd be curious to see what the OS looks like, stock android hasn't been pretty in the past. That said, many companies are coming out with great stuff right now (HD2, Droid, etc) and I'd shy awayfrom snap judgements before final models are shown (BGR thinks this design is not final).
  • I love my iPhone, but this certainly has potential to be a superior device (cosmetics aside). But it still won't "dethrone" the iPhone in terms of sales or overall customer satisfaction.
  • It doesn't matter what it looks like. I didn't buy the iPhone for looks, I bought it for function. If any phone comes out and proves it's better, I'm switching.
    Anybody who does otherwise is a fool.
  • I think this Droid will reach about the same level of sales as the iPhone from the day it is released within 15%, supplies permitting.
  • It is kind of ugly..even if the OS is better than that of the iphone's..the UI looks boring and the phone is really dull...i dont know seems to have an overall package. we'll see when this thing shows up for dinner time what kind of taste it leaves in our mouths...
  • @Macboy - I fully agree with you. This is why I think that this and the HTC HD2 are extremely exciting. Other companies are realizing that they have to win in the hardware game too. A month ago I would have said no one is even approaching the complete hardware and software package of the iPhone (don't argue with me for Pre the hardware is awful) but now it is starting to get very interesting. It's good for the industry.
  • @ smitty
    it took the iphone years to get where they are as far as sells..they didnt start selling millions on day one. also..customer satisfaction is that great..this blog site proves that...
  • All of you complainig about Att&T's coverage area ....... move out of the boonies!! If you live in the hills and the only service is frickin ALLTELL , you don't get the Iphone!
  • to Macboy, let me get this straight your concern is regards to the supposedly inferior hardware? Okay let's take a look at that claim: droid: 5 MP camera with flash iphone: 3 MP camera no flash, Droid: 3.7 inch screen at 480 x 854 (reportedly), iPhone: 3.5 inch screen @ 480x320. Droid: replaceable microSD, iPhone: fixed HD. Not exactly sure what hardware you're talking about. And this is coming from a 3GS user.
  • HOORAAHHHHH GO ANDROID!!!!! that's phone number 13 to apple's 1. I always knew that the Android OS was going to be huge and look at it!! Android phones are popping out of nowhere. I personally have a iPhone and I am in hopes to seeing the iPhone get pissed on the Android OS!
  • It's not something i'd swap my iphone for right now, as not enough is known about it. But this does look like its going to be the best motorola handset for... I dunno, a decade? and it deserves success. If what the folks over at Android Central are saying about its running of Android then it will be a really fearsome handset to have.
    Certainly its nice to see a handset that would actually give me pause to think when considering a new phone.
  • i remember this phone when it was called the sidekick. but hey, go moto. competition is good.
  • @Shawn - Not all hardware gripes are completely spec-based. Macboy's problem with some of these other phones is partially to do with build quality. I have to agree with him in a lot of cases. The Pre is a great example, it's a good phone with a lot of potential. However, the hardware is cheap and that has shown quite a lot. Who hasn't seen someone that they know with a slider that is loose or broken comepletely? By and large, Apple has very few of these types of complaints and when they arise they will fix it without asking any questions if the warranty is still good. While I think that the iPhone design is starting to get a little bit stale, we can all remember seeing it and holding it for the first times. It is beautiful and sturdy, not very many phones today can make that claim which is why it's good that this trend is starting to change. Other companies are starting to come up with compelling hardware to go with their young mobile OS. Exciting times are on the horizon!
  • offset keyboard for the loss. i am sure some people will like it. I am all for competition but given motorola's track record with quality i would imagine they will break easy. no moving parts for me especially sliding keyboards idoesn't want one lol.
  • @soco_jon
    Check your facts... Apple sold 3 million in just 6 months after it's '07 release. The iPhone's sales for it's full life stand at over 30 million prior to today's Q4 results. That's in just a little over two years. One product, one carrier, no two for one deals (like BlackBerry)! You're telling me that it took "years" for their sales to catch hold?
  • @Ts I don't need a map to tell me about coverage across the entire country. I could care less what kind of coverage people in cali, D.C. or N.Y. have. I live in Austin Tx and my phone gets great coverage. I have been with ATT since they were ATT the first time then cingular then ATT again. Never a problem where I live.
  • @AL
    LOL "exciting events are on the horizon" you speak as if this is some sort of epic journey through the land of all things cellular.
  • this things ugly
    and anyone who automatically decided to switch over because of this shot is dumb
    you never know what the future jold next year the iphone coukd have the best service in the U.S, and now everyone who switched over is kicking themselves in the ass.
  • @smitty
    soco_jon is right iphone did not sell millions on day one. It took three whole days for the 3GS.
  • @Michael:
    "@AL LOL “exciting events are on the horizon” you speak as if this is some sort of epic journey through the land of all things cellular."
    Al is right, and you should broaden your perspective.
    This next 18 months is that point in time in which Apple will either have to totally re-invent the iPhone, or watch their market drift away to Android.
    While its popular here, among the fanboys to poo poo, snicker, snort, and chuckle about android I will remind you this is exactly where Motorola thought they were in the Cell phone industry 6 years ago. King of the hill with over 110 million *rzr sales.
    The playing field is changing drastically. New players, new capabilities, new bandwidth, new rules.
    If Apple doesn't have a new phone in test production ALREADY, they will be caught flat footed, and will be over-run. (I'm betting they DO have a new iPhone in the skunk works).
    But Apple likes to move the goal posts.
    Their speculated foray into re-inventing the Mainstream Print industry (with the iTablet) may indicate that they already KNOW they will not be able to dominate in a large well diversified Android marketplace, and are choosing instead to find another battle field to rule.
    And don't forget Nokia. Their embedded Linux phone also has potential, and because it too is open source, they can swap ideas and code with Android.
  • Where to start?
    @Smitty: 30 million is for the entire world. They are on more than one carrier. For Christ's sake, that's one of their selling points.
    @firesign: So now anything with a keyboard is a sidekick? of you?
    @JoeMcG: I fully agree. The look is second to what I want out of a phone.
    The look of this Droid is not even that bad. For every group saying it's ugly there is a group saying it looks good. As for usability....that's what it's all about. At least Android UI is evolving. Giving us different choice, looks, styles...something. The iPhone has given us the same UI and hardware design for 3 iterations now (which I'm not saying is bad at all, but come on)
    And it seems to be read...only things people are even bringing to the light here is how 'ugly' it looks. No other type of bashes...which says a lot.
    What I take from these hits is that they're afraid that something might actually outperform the iPhone (Which many phones have been doing since day one)
    The iPhone's advantages are slowly dwindling. Only thing being left now is the App Store and Apple's very name.
    With Google being as big a brand name than Apple, and more phones with better looks and specifications coming's really going to be a battle.
    I for one welcome all challengers. This makes everyone, as has been stated, get off their butts and work. Not just resting on their laurels. HD2, Droid/Dragon, iPhone 2010, Pre, Bold 9700. Good phones are coming, and keep getting nicer.
  • @icebike: I always genuinely love your unbiased opinions. You speak from a true tech perspective. Not a raving fanboy mind.
  • to all you iPhone haters out there, you should know by now that you shouldn't anger the sheep. it is unfathomable for some of these people to realize that the iPhone might not be greatest thing since sliced bread forever. I don't think that this device is an "iPhone Killer" but I think Android itself is doing a great job getting there. The iPhone is great, but it won't sit at the top forever...
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, "it's one device on one carrier..." Whoopty-fricking-doo
  • @TS and whoever else. Why must I say this everytime I comment on here. Not everyone has bad service or bad coverage with att. I sure as hell don't. Ever since I went to cingular after leaving verizon I have not had one problem with the company, coverage, billing or customer service. I cannot say the same about verizon and I don't have enough time to comment on my time with sprint. If there so bad dont use them theres lots of choices.They cant be that bad with 82 million subs.
  • @ shawn First off I could care less about the stupid camera on a phone I am not 12 years old. If I am going to take photos that's what the 12mp camera is for. The average camera on a phone is 1.8mp!!! And .2 in bigger on screen size???cmon. And on the microsd could honestly care less my phone is 32gb. Which is plenty. If you enjoy carrying a bunch of microsd cards with you everytime you need something diffenet go for it. Sorry but none of that is gonna make me change. When something better comes along i'm all over it till then I am sticking with my 3gs.
  • Android is doing a great job and anything that increases competition is great for us, the consumers. Blind loyalty to a company gets you at least nothing and sometimes nets you negative results. I don't think Droid is as pretty as it could be -but this isn't likely final hardware-, but it is the thinnest QWERTY phone I've ever seen and QWERTY is important to some people. There is no question that if I didn't have a 3GS that Android is the other OS I would be looking to. With the diversity of hardware out there (HTC makes incredibly gorgeous hardware), you can probably find a slate or slide or QWERTY Android device that appeals to you. Hero and HD2/Leo are sexy as hell.
  • And a thanks to AL.
  • And also a thanks to MICHAEL's comment too.
  • I'll throw in the obligatory "I have great ATT coverage and do nearly everywhere I go". Used to have some NYC trouble, but that appears to be mostly resolved now, for me anyway. VZW used to be worse in MPLS than ATT was in NYC, anyone know if that's fixed. The maps in the commercial are a little bit fast and loose, like the Storm2 vs. last year's iPhone 3G and every other bit of marketing fluff from Basking Ridge in the past. Personally I hope Android pushes Apple and MS and Nokia and LiMo and RIM and everyone else to aspire to awesome new things.
  • @icebike - sage, as always :) The landscape is changing and there has never been a more exciting time in the mobile space. Looking forward to watching it unfold.
  • Android devices in the not to distant future are going to overtake the Iphone. It's only a matter of time.
  • Well Verizons marketing campaign is spot on. Only a true Google nerd would be seen with that hideous thing!
  • If Andriod does take over the iPhone its not going to happen with one device, This thing looks like hammered dog shit. You couldnt give this to me, And the UI is crappy looking the 3G bar at the top still looks like a cartoon. I love my iPhone 3G[S] amd Im sure it will be #1 for a long time to come.
  • I think there are a couple interesting this about the BGR post:
    1) BGR's unverified report (AFAIK) that Google was directly involved in the design of this phone.
    2) BGR's early, unequivocal statement that this is the Android phone to beat.
    As an aside,
    1) The look of the keyboard (not the way it feels to use) is a ridiculous factor for decision making. You can't look at the keyboard when you're typing on it. And it slides out of view when you're not using it.
    2) The inevitable problem with the onscreen keyboard (designed by anyone) is that you can't touch type on it. That is, you can't look directly in a sustained fashion at something else while you're typing. There's no way to design your way around that. It isn't a big deal for some, it is for others, because it depends on what you're doing with the phone. I've been trying to copy passages of text into my iPhone Notebooks app, and the onscreen keyboard is a bitch. It slows me down probably by 33% to 50%.
    3) Individual reports of your local area's coverage is not that important. What matters is the overall coverage of the populace, the capacity of the network, and the company's business model. IMO, AT&T is in trouble because of its business operations, where it will experience a technical limitation in their ability to support more users on their 3G network that they haven't been able to overcome, while at the same time it may lose iPhone exclusivity, has failed to seek out associations with Apple competitors to the same degree as other telcos, and competitors who are going to leapfrog them in network speed. They were the first company in the U.S. to go with 3G in a big way -- they reaped some benefits from that, but they took risks as well.
    There are multiple levels of strategy that AT&T competitors can and must use against AT&T:
    1) Maintain current user base.
    2) Attract new users who are looking for a new contract by means of:
    -a- coverage;
    -b- cost;
    -c- supported and subsidized devices.
    3) Convince people to end their contract early and pay an ETF.
    3 is the least likely scenario. Whether you'll pay to get rid of your current contract and to get a new phone is not really a realistic standard of whether one phone is better than another phone. A more realistic standard would be a two year old iPhone 3G with half to one-third of its original battery capacity and possibly a scratched or even cracked screen, that no longer works with all new accessories and is two generations behind in its hardware specs.
    Android 2.0 has not been released and has really only been rumored until now. So, outside of iPhone-land, people are going to be looking at this to see how Android 2.0 works on a high end device. They'll be comparing it to Nokia's N900, and the HTC HD2. I'm looking at the OS performance -- the hardware sounds great, but it's really incidental to the performance of the whole platform, which will be on all kinds of phones on multiple carriers (except maybe AT&T).
  • I do think android is going to steal some share of the iphone market but that will mostly be computer geeks at first. Hopefully Apple will see what's going on before it's to late and open up to themes and background processes. I like the way the iphone looks and works and I think for the most part others do too. I really think most of the problem will be freedom on the platform.
  • @Gregg
    These claims of "#1" status are confusing to me...
    Even staying within the realm of US's not number one...Blackberry still holds that spot (last time I checked).
    And last year I could've sworn Windows Mobile sold 20 million phones. Where as iPhone OS equipped phones (read: iPhone) sold 13-14 million.
    So where does this #1 come from?
  • @Dennis
    That was rambling nonsense. Do you have a point?
  • Oh so retro... but not in a good way. Looks like an 80's calculator and here is the proof:
  • @iDavey,
    As Stated by Jobs and Shiller at Apples September event 50 million. I tried to post the link here, but for some reason it wouldnt post. but I googled
    "50 million iPhones OS sold" and you will find the answer there.
  • @Gregg
    iPhone OS...meaning iPod and iPhone. 50 million is not the final numbers for iPhone sales. The number one selling phone across the board is still the tried and true Blackberry Curve.
  • @ Joe McG. I understand that my posts aren't for everyone. Basically, I construct posts that reflect my irritation at the ridiculous things people post on this site, and try to inject some thoughtful analysis. There's no overall point, because the 60 previous responses aren't about one single thing. However, each of the things I've mentioned is a response to something someone else has previously posted. I appreciate your interest in how I'm doing though.
  • Anyone who says AT&T has acceptable service is kidding themselves. I live in NYC, probably the most important market in the US, an I'd say that 1 in 3 of my phone calls, regardless of time of day, is dropped!! I had verizon service for at least 8 yrs prior to the iPhone and can't remeber 1 call ever being dropped. The second I am given the opportunity for a comparable phone on verizon I will leave AT&T and never look back!!
  • Icebike is right on. Everyone agrees that the iPhone changed the game but up until this month, there haven't been any phones that have really grabbed my attention. All of a sudden over the last few weeks there have been several seemingly compelling devices that are nearing release. Android 2.0 has improved drastically. HTC is doing huge things with Android and WM. Palm isn't going to sit on Pre 1.0 forever, they will make it better. WM 7.0 is promising huge things in the next year. All of these companies have gotten their acts together since the release of the iPhone. I really think that the 4th iteration of iPhone hardware and iPhone 4.0 software will be a crucial turning point for Apple. They are going to have to do something huge to maintain their hegemony. It's going to be very interesting and the real winners are all of us the consumers. Fan boys will always exist but for the rest of us, there are going to be some excruciatingly difficult phone purchasing decisions to be made in the next year due to this big wave of great stuff.
  • It was there iDavey 20 million iPhones, although the iPodtouch also has the iPhone OS.
  • @Darth:
    Anyone who says AT&T has acceptable service is kidding themselves. I live in NYC, probably the most important market in the US, an I’d say that 1 in 3 of my phone calls, regardless of time of day, is dropped!!
    Important market for you, but not for me. That being said if it is really one in three, take it back to Apple and they will plug it in and pull statistics off the phone and tell you the EXACT rate.
    Of course, if its jail broken, you dare not take it back, and also have no basis for complaint. I'm guessing it IS jail broken, because otherwise you would not put up with this level of service.
    I have had one dropped call in the last month.
  • is it 75 or 85,000 apps...either way, i was told by a friend that the iphone can only hold up to 148 this true??
  • Sliders suck. You can't ruggedize them and the mechanisms are a lint and dust trap. They get overused and are a potential point of failure.
    One other thing I'd like to mention is the keyboard next to the 80's style atari d-pad. The d-pad is a very potential pain in the ass and this comes from having used the eNV series of phones.
    After having used a touch pro and an N97 I can tell you that you're better off with no keyboard than a janky one like this. I'd rather type on a Pre than this thing. The only Android phone I've seen that stands a chance is the HTC Hero, more specifically the Sprint variant. Even still though, that phone will not handle media like an iPhone. Taking video and getting a clean picture, then we're talking about how they fit in the hand.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not an Apple fanatic, I call them out on stuff that sucks, like the camera resolution, UI, and the back of the phone. Crap crap crap on all counts. The iPhone has no "UI", just a desktop with a bunch of shortcuts on it. This reason phones like the Pre and HTC's Hero are more of a vision of the future than the iPhone is. The first iPhone was a vision of the future, and that future is now the present, going forward the iPhone has no future until they change it. I think that Android showing its naughty bits as we go along is why people get all into these phones, by the time they become relevant, hopefully iPhone's new future is out for us to enjoy. I have no doubts Apple will sit on this for long.
  • @Gregg
    That's overall. At the end of 2009, WinMo had sold 20 million while iPhone only sold 14 million.
    Then for the first and second quarters of this year, Blackberry Curve has been the top selling phone.
  • HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! LMFAO!!!! they call this a "iPhone killer"!?!?!! Lol woo that is funny!!! This phone won't even compete. My house phone looks better then this!!! Lol seriously this phone dosent stand a chance, the only thing it has going for it is Verizon since it is the number 1 carrier, other then that it dosent stand out to me just reminds me of the G1.
  • I have to disagree with those who say looks don't matter. Of course, devices with better performance and more features can do more than "sleeker-looking" devices with less performance and features. But there's a reason root beer isn't packaged in green cans — because people wouldn't even try it. The general buying public bases much, if not most, of its purchasing decisions on first impressions (which usually happens within two to three seconds of seeing a product) — even those who continue to shop around afterward.
    Even if these new devices coming out blow away the iPhone in every functional aspect, they won't be iPhone killers if they look like this, and that's just a fact. Apple understands that aesthetic design, packaging, and marketing are just as important, if sometimes not more important, than functionality.
    If these iPhone competitors really do have better products, they'd better get with the program on making them more attractive. That would be better for all of us. I WANT more cool devices to force Apple to keep on its toes. Sadly, there just aren't any. Not this year. Sorry.
  • The iThing that iPhone has that Droid will be hard-pressed to match are legions of iFathful. These iCult members rely on their iLord and iSaviour the iJobs for the iAir that they breathe.
    Apple is more controling than the fictional leader in the commercial that launcher the Mac in 1984.
    The competition should launch a new campain: iAmnotallowedto about all the apps rejected or neuterred by Apple.
    There was an app for that... But it was rejected.
  • it looks like a sidekick
  • This is not going to take buisness away from the iPhone. This phone looks great and is going to have huge impact on the storm, pre, g1, and the like. People who buy the iPhone (such as myself) get it so they can play 3d games, have fart apps, and do all sorts of useless FUN!!!!! stuff. The fact that the phone is also a usefull and reliable (take that rimm) smartphone is more a bonus than the main point. I also prefer a soft keyboard and I’m not the only one. This comment isn’t to bash the droid, the thing looks great, but marketing it against the iPhone is a mistake
  • First I was always interested on a android device. With that said motorolla hasn't released any nice phones lately. With that said although the landscape drop down keyboard is nice the design of this phone is poor. This phone has no gloss and looks rather primitive with a metallic look. The keyboard layout is boring and need a better feel. I think if verizon wanted an idont device they should have teamed up with HTC helping them gain a powerful devices and a nice looking UI. By the way verizon doesn't work well in Duarte,CA. This device is more of a Ndont phone with a better OS then the Nokia. The iPhone and palm pre have nothing to worry about. By the way if you buy a ringtone/app on verizon and change phones shouldn't you be able to re download it at no extra cost? Yeah think about them apples verizon.
  • Not bad, but it's no iPhone. At this point the iPhone is selling itself. I'm just an iPhone 3G owner but I've sold many friends and others on the iPhone when I show them the iPhone and some of the apps that I'm running.
  • iDavey, Im quoting information released today not stuff from last year or 3 months from now. 30 million iPhones have been sold.
  • It's... pretty...? Haha. I'd have to get a better look at the OS and UI before making a real decision. But I don't think it could replace my 3G.
  • @idavey. Wow thats great there's about 30 different windows phones out there and there is ONE apple iPhone. Now if they sold 20 million Last year and apple sold 15 million. How is that bad?
  • Come on Apple let us theme our phones and run some background processes. A little freedom will keep the iPhone at the top.
  • I'd love to try a smart phone running Android 2. I'd still keep my iPhones. Unfortunately I'm in a 3rd world country and there are no "Droid" phones. 3GS hasn't arrived yet either.
  • @CJ
    A WinMo mentality person should never give an opinion. period.
  • So this has a physical keyboard and a virtual one? way to double functionality.
    Until the OS developer and hardware vendors communicate better with each other, i'll pass.
  • 84 JhonByrn, double functionality? Nop, both of keyboards have their meaning.
  • This is not the droid you are looking for...
  • I've seen all the pictures and the phone is arguably the most hideous smart phone produced.
    Seriously, how are you going to compete with the iPhone when aesthtics count just as much as anything else?
  • Me likey
  • 89 DC Well, I prefer function over form.
    If two product are moreles comparable function wise I will prefer the most nice. If not, I will prefer the one wich gives me the functions I need.
    At this moment, Android phones give me more function than iPhone
  • Wouldn't it make sense that android "overtakes" the iPhone? iPhone is a single device. Android is an os running on an increasing amount of devices. Apple doesn't need to be number one in order to be extremely successful. Look at their computer business. The fact is that the iPhone can remain very successful, while others also see success. The iPhone is a single device. In terms of sales figures isn't it only fair to put it up against another single device? Not a os? The fact is with so many devices running android I doubt that there will be one in particular that proves more popular than the iPhone.
  • I love that Steve Jobs walked out on stage nearly THREE YEARS AGO with a futuristic device, and THIS P.O.S. is what they're rolling out?
    Plus all of the things "iDon't" are weak to begin with. Anyone who NEEDS a physical keyboard has already made their choice. Background apps are great... but when they start messing with the performance of the phone, you'll see more and more people closing apps to open others.
    My favorite part of this whole thing is that Apple has the balls to actually SHOW their product when advertising it. This "Droid Does" commercial avoids it's OWN PRODUCT and then links you to a website that DOES THE SAME THING?! Weak!
    However now that I see the product, I understand. Better to have a slick looking commercial (that was probably produced on a Mac), than showing the best cell phone of 1995!
  • This is awesome there are 4 android phones coming. This one looks kind of boring but others look pretty nice. I would love to see some real competition to the iphone and itunes. Android phones will use Amazon for music with is DRM free so your not locked into using the same phone for the rest of your life. Should be exciting to see how it is.
  • "there's a map for that" has to be the single most embarrasing and lowest thing I've ever seen verizon do. I had verizon for 6 years and switched to AT&T for the iPhone. My coverage is great and 3G is great I live incentral NY and never have any issues. Plus who cares how much more 3G coverage verizon has they have the worst Internet setup and don't even run GSM. Plus unless you are constantly traveling what would it matter to me if the have 3G on the west coast when I'm on the east. Best phone ever by far obviously if verizon has to try and pick on the apple app comercials. Apple are the leaders in technology and every company is trying to follow after them.
  • @iDavey
    Its almost embarrasing to see our country looks at this horrible excuse for a phone to be good. blackberry's have to be the saddest but the only thing good for verizon going besides this new droid phone (motorola... Awful) Blackberry's have a hourglass loading animation what is this windows 95 and their phones litterally take almost 2 full minutes to boot up. if you or anyone else thinks blackberrymakes a good phone than I dint see why your ivolved on this blog.
  • Is there any chance the Moto Android will sync with iCal, iTunes, Contacts, Mail? That would be the minimum requirement for me switching to it over an iPhone. So far, Verizon has left MAC computer users out of the game entirely.
  • Haha, It's funny reading all this fan boy stuff, from both sides. I've had both the iPhone and a HTC Magic. Although the Magic is a tad slower because of all the stuff I run in the background, by the end of this year I'll have the option of upgrading my phone to one of 20 Androids including the Moto Droid, by the end of next year that'll be 100 different phones all with the same base OS so I get to keep all my apps. The basic gui will be the same, so many choices, shall I have a HW keyboard or SW only? big screen or small phone? do I need a flash? how about a trackball? maybe a 5MP camera or will a 3MP do me? so many choices. If I stayed with my iPoo what choices would I have? 3, stay with what I had, buy the next iPhone and deal with what Apple decide I need in a phone or change to what'll be the biggest thing to hit mobile phones - The Android OS, see the light (or don't, I couldn't really care less :)
  • To Greenenvy: With comments like that you really don't understand the benefit of background apps do you? or how little affect the good ones have on the system. When I get to work, my android sets my volume to a lower, more reasonable level because it knows where I am, when I get home it detects my location, turns on wireless and remotely starts my home PC. At dinner time, my phone goes into mute so our family is not disturbed, at 5:30am if it's a week day, my RSS feeds are configured to start their sync so my news is ready when I want it, at 6:25am, just before I arrive at the train station, my bluetooth turns on so I can easily & quickly connect my headphones, it turns back off automagically when I reach work. When I'm out for my lunchtime jog, my volume turns up high so I can hear it, no matter what time it is because it knows my route, during meetings it goes silent and my auto sms reply activates to tell people I'm in a meeting.. who needs background apps? people who like to have cool features and automation, the only people who think background apps are bad are people who don't have them. If you think your iPhone is cutting edge, take a look at the specs of the androids and what they can do before making uneducated comments.
  • @Bretnon
    I agree with the app thing and I am excitied to see the benefits if automation to catch hold to more phones, but a lot of people don't have the same routine day in and day out. Yes, most people work a 9-5, 40 work week. But Most people don't have the exact same thing going on eeryday. I see yur piont though being. OPTIONS!! The iPhone needs more options like some things as little as being able to change the theme clots ik it sonde dumb but those little options are what make a phone and the big optiong too obviously. I own the 3gs iPhone and if this next one doesn't blow this one completely away I will switch to whatever is the best at the time.
  • @Brenton, that level of automation is definitely awesome but does it rely on GPS? If so, Verizon will almost definitely lock it down unless you pay for the VZ Navigator service. Verizon does have amazing coverage (I'm a customer) but the way lock down features is ridiculous.
    Personally, when my new every 2 is up in March, I'll probably pick up the best Android option for Verizon but if an iPhone was offered on Verizon, I would buy one without giving it a second thought. As a Mac user, it's the only phone syncs easily with my contacts/calendar.
  • OMFG I used to have this phone I think.... in 1993
  • a lot of iAngry fan boys down here
    :) lol
  • Ew ew looks Chinese. I've tried the keyboard and it's sh*t, lemme tell you now. They could have saved manufacturing costs and thickness by not having one.
    And then there's the whole AT&T vs Verizon thing. Personally I find that they charge close to the same prices and they both have perfect coverage in my state of Connecticut, so that's no competition to me.
    If the iPhone were on Sprint like I thought it should have been, Moto would have another thing coming! Seriously! Unlimited calls to all American cell phones on Sprint's data plans! And coverage is almost as good as Verizon's while service is so much cheaper. But for no I'm compromising with the HTC Hero. =D
  • I am a hard core mac user, not a lame imac at home kinda guy, 3 mac pros, 32gigs dual 30s etc.
    I had an iphone since day one.
    So with this out of the way, I am sorry but the iphone got old after almost 2 1/2 years.
    I sold them all, canceled all four lines with at&t (all iphones) and went with droids.
    The network is next to none, I had 10 plus calls dropped daily with At&t, I have yet to drop one with Verizon.
    2nd, I love the droid, battery life is x2 than the 3gs's I got the 2.1 upgrade which makes the iphone look like a sad cartoon from the 70s.
    And dont even go talk about phone design... The droid is one of the most solid phones out there.
    Not cheap plastic that scratches on the first day iphone quality.
    When you hold this phone u know you got a device that is clean looking and powerful.
    Screen size? resolution? speed? gimme a break.
    I love apple products, even though I think the company sucks ass with all the regulations and the over priced products, but sorry droid got my business.
    Go ahead and flame on, I wouldnt expect anything less form fanboys.
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