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The Competition: Windows Mobile 6.5 Launches Oct. 6

Microsoft has officially announced that the next skin point release for their handheld operating system, Windows Mobile 6.5, will launch on Oct. 6 and include App Store Windows Marketplace for Mobile (catchy!) and MobileMe MyPhone services. WMExperts asks the impertinent question:

Will Windows Mobile 6.5 be available for any phones on that date? Will we see new phones released with WinMo 6.5?

We shrug in sympathy. Typically it takes a while to go from release to manufacturers to release to consumers. What benefits the split platform strategy has in consumer choice, it lacks in speed to consumer market.

When it does arrive, WinMo 6.5 will support both physical and virtual keyboards, no-touch and touch screens (resistive only?!), GPS, accelerometer, high res cameras, and likely spinning, multihued beechball wheels of wait (our Macs sympathize).

That the same company can ship the Zune HD before Windows Mobile 6.5, however, still puzzles us. That they're arguably shipping both years too late to be competitive... well, that just frustrates us no end.

Throw a couple billion at Windows Mobile 7, would you please, and get her out asap?

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • I have so much hatred toward windows mobile it ain't even funny. I doubt 6.5 will be any better. Wm 7 maybe.
    This is going to sound real iPhone fanboyish but I have owned just about every high end smartphone that has been released over the past 2 years and I always end up coming back to iPhone. Other manufacturers I hope your taking notes.
  • You do know that Apple also split the mobile market with iPhone 3G and 3GS having different things that only one can do and not the other... right?
    You can't use a compass or AR on 3G, but the apps still do and will show in the App store on the 3G device.
  • On Facebook Windows says the first devices will be out Oct 12th. No mention of when/if you could upgrade a WM6.1 device.
  • Rene
    as much as I dislike Windows Mobile and as much as I like your comments and articles, I think its a bit childish to lower yourself to "Gates" level and trying to mock them just cause theyre not as good as apple.
    Again, not disagreeing with you, just think its about time we stand tall and let "our products" speak for themselves ...
    just my $.02
    carry on
  • @Rene: This site would be so much better if it were an actual IPhone resource rather than a glib fanboy site. You sound like a teenager with a crush on your cute cheerleader girlfriend, who feels compelled to diss all the other cheerleaders on the time because it makes your girlfriend (and you) feel more secure.
    As a user of both WinMo and IPhone I don't really see the competition of which you speak. WinMo is for business users that need business tools and capabilities on a mobile device. The IPhone is first and foremost a toy (a very cool toy, but a toy nonetheless) with a poorly working phone added to it.
    I tried mightily to take that cool toy and turn it into a business tool, but it just doesn't cut the mustard as a business phone. But I still like my cool toy (although not all that thrilled with Apple).
  • @Beshad,
    No, I'm actually getting beyond frustrated at this point. Microsoft has billions of dollars and some of the best talent in the world. They're turning things around with Windows 7, Xbox, even Zune now, yet all Windows Mobile gets is 6.5?
    I'm not lowering myself to anything. I'm demanding Microsoft raise themselves above WinMo 6. Better Windows Phones means Apple has to work even harder on better iPhones.
    That's what we all want.
  • RJD, I'm so sick of people calling the iPhone a "toy". Care to tell me why you think it's a toy? Because it looks snazzy? Cause everyone clammers for one? Do enlighten me? I own my own business, travel constantly and do everything from my iPhone. Most of the things that I do on my iPhone I can do 10 times better and faster on it than any win mo device. So please enlighten me...
  • Rene
    I totally agree. As I said its not much about your opinion and points your trying to make that comes across as negative.
    Its choice of word and taking away from the professional part of this site.
  • LEAVE BRITTANY... Ops! I mean RENE ALONE!!!!!!! LOL
  • @XM-JDM: I think it's a toy for several reasons: Of the top 100 applications in the App store, consistently, 95% are games and the rest have nothing to do with business productivity. No multi-tasking, which makes it a complete pain to put an email together with any resources you might want to send (quotes from a doc or pdf, etc). No file management system -- complete PITA to get documents on the device that might be needed when you don't have access to your computer (requires ridiculous workarounds and 3rd party software). Attaching email also requires 3rd party software and ridiculous workarounds. No sync for tasks via exchange server, which is the product that the vast, vast majority of business owners use. Copy and paste still not fully implemented. You can't copy into the dialer. I don't know about your business, but in mine I have to set tasks to do follow-up calls with clients and potential clients. Not only do I have to input a task like that in to a separate program that does NOT sync with Outlook, I also can't copy the number into the dialer. And because I can't multi-task, I have to write it down on a piece of paper, then close the task program and dial it. Sorry but that is also ridiculous especially when I am in the midst of a travel day. There's more, of course, but those are enough to get you started. The IPhone is a toy compared to WinMo, IMHO.
  • RJD
    iPhone isnt business friendly , true, but that doesnt make it a TOY.
    With your logic, anything that isnt business friendly = TOY,
    which is not true.
    Its a PHONE for crying out loud. A phone that can do more than making and receiving calls.
    The interface and the user-friendliness of the iPhone is what makes it stand out above the rest. Its also what has motivated other phone manufacturers to try to push their limits and become more creative(or sometimes less creative and simply try to copy the iPhone).
    before you start with the fanboy talk, lemme explain, Up until last year, I bought nothing but Nokia phones, because of their QUALITY, when it comes to CELLPHONES.
    While I still think Nokia makes GREAT phones, I love my iPhone, because it has opened a new path for many exciting products to come in the future.....
    The fact that the app store top 100 is full of fun apps is simply cause most of us, even those using it for business, enjoy games and fun stuff above boring work crap...
    iPhone is a phone, with alittle bit of everything for everyone,,,simple as that :)
  • I thought Rene was gay... (I'm not making fun of you, I just really thought you were) how can he have a crush on girls if this is true??
  • Do they seriously think they can take on the iPhone with that? There's no reason at all to switch.
  • RJD, the debate between the iPhone and WinMo is like the debate between Mac and PC. Both are good products, it just depends on what you're used to. I've used both for business and I prefer the iPhone 10-1. I would pay twice as much for my iPhone as a business tool before I would take a free WinMo device. I'm sorry, I don't have any problem with the iPhone as a business device.
    Sure you can use it as a toy, however that doesn't make it not a business capable device. Heck, you practically made an argument for why the iPhone DOES make a good business device in your own argument against it.
    In the end, the iPhone is not a good business device for you. It is for me and millions of others. So what are you arguing about? That's why we have a choice. No ones making you have an iPhone. Don't use it, use a WinMo device.
    Arguing a about mobile phones is like running in the special olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded. Haha. (not a personal comment, just repeating a cliche).
  • @Beshad: Do you really think the IPhone is good at being a phone?! I know everyone likes to blame that on AT&T but part of it is the hardware as well. Plenty of other phones on the AT&T network have less dropped calls and get a better signal. Sorry, but it's embarassing to be speaking with a client and have one dropped call after another and bad reception. And this happens all over (I travel a lot). Based on my experience with many WinMo phones, some of which got better reception/signals than others on the same carrier, there is a hardware componenet to this problem.
    So it's not actually a great phone if by phone you mean the ability to call and talk to people / clients.
    And most of the "future" you speak of with the IPhone was done long ago on the BB and WinMo platforms. At least the features that business people need. As previously stated, the IPhone just isn't up to speed in that area. The IPhone is definitely self selecting for folks that want a phone/gaming device. But not so much when it comes to a phone/business productivity device. Hence my opinion that it is a toy in many respects.
  • @Eric: Sorry, not grasping how my post that details, in specific, the LACK of many needed business features makes an argument for it being a great business device. You lost me there, for sure! But I noticed you didn't bother to try to refute the line items I laid out (as requested by another commentator). That's pretty telling.
    But you're right, it is much like the argument about MAC vs. PC. Except that there is no real argument about that. The vast majority of businesses do NOT use MACs. The PC people won that argument a long time ago. And for similar reasons. MAC have a certain cool factor, just like the IPhone, but if taking care of business is more important than "cool" (which it is to serious business people), then PC and WinMo (or BB) win the day.
  • @RJD, well defended argument. The iPhone is not a business phone, period. It does have some good features that I wish most business phone manufactures would adopt, but everyone trying to make this phone more than it is disingenuous.
    I definitely like iPhone UI better than the competition but I hate the same exact things about it that RJD talks about. That's why most corporate and business men who are truly mobile have a secondary phone that does handle business such as a blackberry or winmo phone. No company I know of has provided their employees with iPhones for business purposes. So let's be genuine. As far as mobile web, niche apps, and coolness, the iPhone slams the competition hard. If it works for you fine, but let's not try to make it more than it is.
    If they ever combine the iPhones UI with RIMs push notification and multi-tasking, and winmo office software, it would be the greatest phone ever invented.
  • WinMo is a weak platform with little active support from MS. Apple, Google, and RIM are lightyears better platforms no matter how you look at it. WinMo is the neglected child of MS and honestly they need to just give it a break and let the damn thing die. My last phone was a WinMo 6.1 Samsung and I even played with a friend's HTC Hero running it and even on the better hardware it still cowers in the presence of my new 3GS.
    @RDJ - honestly you speak like many others who complain about the iPhone without ever using it for more than a few minutes. There's a reason it's stomping the crap out markets everywhere, it's simply better than most.
  • Would most businesses love to have a profit margin such as Apples? Business phone or not this country is down in the dumps financially because of business. So saying I need a phone for business is a moot point. Please just use your phone for what you claim you need it for. It really s starting to get annoying.
  • @Mike: I use my IPhone all the time. I play games on it, I read RSS feeds, I watch youtube, and check which movies are playing when and where. I also like it for listening to music. But it's seriously lacking when it comes to use as a business productivity tool, as I have detailed and none can refute. (LOL -- as I was typing this my assistant just had a dropped call with it in the midst of finalizing an order with an expediter -- go figure. Here's my WinMo phone -- try that instead, I told her).
    As Backbone said above, great UI, flick and scroll is cool. Design is elegant. And you will see those features and UI improvements in WinMo. But when will Apple get a clue and steal a few ideas from WinMo?
    And Backbone is correct -- business users are not flocking to the IPhone and businesses don't buy it for their employees -- at least not in any great volume. It's just not ready for prime time in that regard.
  • @Desmond: My business is doing fine, thank you! And yes, I still need a phone that works for business. :)
  • @RJD. I used WinMo since the first Tmobile smartphone many years ago. I picked up a Touch and messed around for 15 minutes. Clearly what I was used to was cr*p and I abandoned my 3-month old Fuze within a week for an iPhone. Now you're right about missing features, but I put up with the shortcomings to have a phone that actually works without constant tweaking, that doesn't lock up 2-3 times per day. In other words it just works. I would love background tasks and may jailbreak at some point. But the limitations aren't as limiting as I feared. It took no time at all to see the Fuze as just the iPhones ugly little sister.
  • Ok. I have to admit, ugly but really smart little sister. But butt ugly and way too temperamental. Ha
  • RJD
    maybe your dropped calls with ur clients are a result of ur attitude , not Iphones quality ;).
  • FACT: I have poor signal quality on At&t where I live and I have NEVER had a dropped call. maybe you've got a bad phone?
    Also, show me where Apple ever claimed the iPhone was a business phone. They haven't, because it's not the intent of the phone. Can you use the iPhone for business? Yup. I do it every day.
    And FYI, Windows did win the business market,
  • Windows did win the business market because of software for the pc, and price. That is changing, however, because more business programs are available on the Mac now, and a Mac comes with less headaches - no viruses, better operating system, etc. Again, business wasn't the market they were targeting to begin with. I'd say they've done pretty well for me, the consumer.
    Is the iPhone perfect? Far from it. Is WinMo? Nope. Who's been longer in development? Wait, the iPhones only been around for two years? I had WinMo on handheld computers more than 10 years ago. That long and the softwares still crap? I'm not holding my breath for any vast improvements. The WinMo you're using now is barely different from the Windows CE I had on my old Cassioppeia HPC in highschool.
  • @Eric: every single person I know that has an IPhone complains about dropped calls and poor reception. In fact didn't TIPB just recently post survey results that included over 50% of users complaining about that? What the survey or none of the blogs discuss is that this doesn't happen with other AT&T phones -- at least no where near the extent it happens with the IPhone.
    As to your second post, nothing, not a thing, is changing about business users preference for PCs over Macs. Good lord, how long have we been hearing that?? It's almost a joke.
    My company alone has over 1100 business clients and only ONE, that's right ONE, has Macs in their offices. And that single one is from Germany. And even they have had to get PC emulation software so they can operate their business in this country.
    So dream on about anything changing with business users adopting Macs. They haven't and they won't unless and until Apple starts deigning to meet their needs. Same with IPhone.
  • "and a Mac comes with less headaches - no viruses"
    That statement is not entirely true. Sure Macs ship from the factory with no viruses on the however Macs are capable of being infected. There are Mac viruses out there.
    Windows has a majority of marketshare over Mac. And the creators of these malicious viruses know that. They want to infect the maximum amount of people in the most efficient way. Writing viruses for PC in stead of Mac is how you do that.
  • I can only speak for myself and the people I know inside my tiny little bubble but I rarely have had any dropped calls with AT&T. My boss and a coworker switched from Verizon to Sprint and they drop calls quite often.
    Just because I get great service in my city doesn't mean service is great in every city. To assume facts and say such things are quite illogical.
  • @WGary: It "just works" (which I would challenge given the fact that the phone part of the phone doesn't "just work", unfortunately -- see my previous posts) because it doesn't do all that much, and Apple greatly restricts what apps you can put on the phone. It's crippled to "protect" people from their own wants and needs.
    You seriously think it's better to have a crippled device than to have to hit the reset button and wait 60 seconds every few days (and that is only if you install massive amounts of software on a WinMo device, some of which may occasionally trip over each other)? How hard is it to reset your phone once in awhile to free up some memory?? I should give up all those features I listed above because I don't want to reset once in awhile? LOL!
    And frankly, if you are having to reset 2-3 times a day then you have probably installed some stupid game that doesn't quit when you close it and eats memory. In that case, the IPhone is a much better game phone. AKA, a toy.
    Now again, the IPhone is cool, it's just not the Jesus phone that some people seem to think it is. I mean I DO have one, so it's not that I don't see its place in the phone world.
    What irritates me is blog posts like this one that claim that WinMo sux and the IPhone is some wonderful device that does everything and mows your grass on Sundays. Hell, it doesn't have many features that people use everyday and have come to depend on, that WinMo has had for a decade.
  • Calm down bub. It's just my opinion. I don't play games. I use it to get work done, and I cursed at my Fuze all the time. It was infuriating. It locked ip at the worst times. To me the tradeoff has been more than worth it. But as you point out, there are compromises. And If you're happy with WinMo then who am I to argue. I'm happy with you!
  • Few comments I have to make:
    1.) How is anyone "stooping to Bill's level." Whether you like Microsoft or not. To attack a man who isnt even involved in the day to day transactions of a company is what's "childish." Learn who is in charge of things...Steve Ballmer runs Microsoft. He is ultimately the one in charge of everything going on today. And to be even more fair...none of the "attacks" started until after Apple started their smear campaign against Microsoft. So when stating such things be correct and have knowledge.
    2.) I noticed, Rene, that you had parenthesized resistive when speaking of WinMo's "shortcomings." I find it hilarious that serious "journalists" (and I use that term loosely right now) are still trying to refute that one touch screen tech is better than the other. You forget that WinMo has a reputation of being a business platform first. They use handwriting recognition and many business people prefer the accuracy of styli. I cant tell you how many times i have to press the screen in order to press the small button I originally wanted. To me...both resistive and capacitive are crap screens. When there is a screen that combines the responsiveness of a capacitive with the options of a resistive...then we'll talk. I havent seen Apple doing anything like that yet (because they have mindless folks like you praising anything they throw out whether good or bad).
    When did choice start becoming bad and limitations start becoming good? I'm so confused by a lot of these so called "tech lovers" that praise the oddest things just because of a name and a label.
  • Yikes WinMo is going in the wrong direction! Hello guys, you have that beautiful Zune HD OS, why not add a few more apps needed on a phone and port that bad boy over. Is that too much to ask? I greatly prefer the one form factor approach Apple has taken because dev time isn't chewed up tailoring the OS to a bunch of devices. The fact that anyone is still using WinMo when Android, Pre and especially iPhone are so far superior is mind-boggling to me.
  • @greensleeves
    You are the first person I've heard talk with that much sense regarding the mythical "My Mac can't catch a virus".
    It's funny how I see some folks throw in my face that my Windows have viruses out for it. But what they dont notice is that that is a double edged sword. Because they're basically conceding that Mac OS X is not even on anyone's mind so they have no point or motive to create viruses. And then they say that they want Apple to take over in position of market share. But the minute that happens all it will be is a role reversal then Windows will be able to tout "we have no viruses" because the Mac will become riddled with them.
    And it's also very hilarious that out of three OS's...Mac OS X is the only OS to have been hacked within 2 minutes at Pawn2Own...
  • I live in Las vegas and I hardly ever get a dropped call. Maybe one a month. I have had MANY phones and the iPhone is the best phone I have had.
    He'll apple made the task of 3 way calling/conferencing very simple. A task that was mind numbing on other phones.
    Are the things missing from the iPhone? Sure. But Apple had the everyday consumer in mind first, which is a bigger market than the bussiness person. Even the business person will have his business phone and then an iPhone. Apple was just plain smart by concentrating on that market first.
    Hell, even businesses are starting to take a closer look at the iPhone. Whatever short comings are there, Apple will adress them.
    Will it be the perfect phone for everyone? No. But it will be the perfect phone for a lot of people.
  • Ok, Frist of all Rene keep up the great work.
    I own my own business and I can do everything on my iPhone. Same as a Blackberry (if not better). I can understand that IT guys might not like it as much as BES, but lets face it, you make the phone what you want it to be. A GAMING PLATFORM/TOY, A MUSIC/VIDEO/PHOTO PLATFORM OR A BUSINESS PLATFORM!!! or combination of all three :) Of the 70,000 apps there are quite a few good business applications available.
    I switched to Apple computers last year and in June switch over to all Apple & have not look back since. No crashes, Viruses, etc.
    So please lets stop comparing APPLES TO ORANGES!!!
  • iPhone is a great phone. I love my 3G to death and carry it with a death clutch. I love my iPhone for games. But I also love it for some business use too. I understand that some people jobs these days, revolve around being able to get things out wherever and whenever. There are jobs that require you to perform certain tasks while on the go where laptops aren't always a good place to bring. Sure, iPhone is okay for the smaller business, but pribbaly not your best bet for a multibillion dollar corporation where mobility and security means everything. I would highly reccomended an iPhone to any consumer and to any smaller business. But in my opinion, the iPhone probbably can't suffice the needs of every business out there whether that be because of lack of certain needed features or maybe even just the fact that lot of the functionality comes from the app store where In most cases it becomes necessary to purchase the app that is needed. But who am I to make the call that says every corporation shouldn't have an iPhone but rather winmo or bb etc. The iPhone comes with basic business need like Microsoft exchange and push email (for the one it supports). The decision of whether or not the phone can meet their companys needs is completely and wholely up to the CEO, IT, or whomever is put in charge of setting up the companys communications. That decision is to be left to them only. Not the every day user. I'm glad I have a Mac and I'm glad for all of you who have Windows. And Linux too if that happens to be your personal choice. Sure windows mobile has it's downers AND so does the iPhone!! We learn to life with it or move on. Blackberry. Palm. Apple. Nokia. Windows Mobile. Android. These are smartphone producing companies. Each company is fully in tact and has it's own reason of being in tact and still making profit. Period. I'm out of the comments now. I made my small but oh so delicate point and I'm through on the topic. Unless of course there are futher comments reguarding my post.
  • I will state once again that I have NEVER had a dropped call on my iPhone. Period. And I live in an area where I rarely get above two bars in Edge. Never a problem. I'm not saying that there's no such thing as the iPhone dropping calls, but based on my experience, I have less issues with it than any other phone I have.
    Anyway, this whole comment thread is stupid. Seriously, don't we have anything better to do than argue about phones and computers. Here's my stance on the issue — Mac computers are great, for a specific group of people. PCs are great for a specific group of people. Same with iPhones, Windows Mobile phones, Zunes, iPods and freaking Motorla Razrs. That's why no one wins these arguments, because everyone's right, and everyone's wrong. Again, that's why we have OPTIONS, so we can choose what's best for our specific wants/needs/preferences.
    I prefer the iPhone a million times over Windows Mobile. You may not. Who cares? You use your phone, and I'll use mine.
    If you can't agree on that, then it's obvious you're just here to stir up crap on a message board. If that's the case, I feel for you man.
    And to the person who said they should incorporate the Zune software into WinMo and a phone — YES. They should.
  • @Eric: You may not have dropped calls, but over 50% of IPhone users surveyed disagree with the idea that it "never" drops a call.
    As for your desire that we each agree to use the phones we like, that's all well and good, but it gets a bit tiresome to see every silly Iphone fanboyz blogger talking smack, and frankly making crap up about other phone platforms. I don't notice the WinMo blogs doing that. Perhaps the IPhone fanboyz just need to grow up a bit.
  • Lol ....
    This is an iPhone blog.
    Can someone tells me why iphone's haters come over here ???????
    Since I dumped my blackberry 2 years ago for an iPhone, I never went back to a crackberry site.
    If you are not iPhone user , what are you doing here ???? Trolling ???
  • 1) Lacking support for capacitive screens in 2009 isn't choice -- it's lack of choice on a platform that's supposedly all about choice. HTC is killing on Android now, they would likely very much appreciate being able to offer resistive and capacitive touch devices on WinMo.
    2) iPhone's don't drop calls, AT&T drops calls. Plenty of people outside the US (shocking, I know) never drop a call.
    3) "Business phone" is meaningless. What type of business? I was at a marketing meeting recently with 6 iPhones on the table, 2 iPod touches, 1 WinPho (rocking WinMo 5), and 2 feature phones. Someone in showbiz, someone on Wall Street, someone blogging, someone personal training, etc. all likely have different needs.
    4) The iPhone multitasks phenomenally well, even back during Steve Jobs' 2007 introduction of the 2G, he took a call, left to find a photo, emailed the photo, all while still talking on the phone. Apple just restricts (for now) multitasking to Apple apps.
    5) You can cut and paste into the dialer in iPhone 3.1. You can also still cut and paste rich text, including images, from the web into email, just like in 3.0 :)
    6) It's not about which platform is better, it's about all platforms pushing each other to be better. Palm's bringing it. Android is revving up. WinMo isn't even mentioned much anymore, and that's a tragedy, and that's Microsoft's fault. They need to step it up.
  • Eric, I think your two bars of Edge is precisely why your iPhone doesn't drop calls. Its the oversaturated 3G network that seems to have problems. Try sending a simple text during a large sporting event. nearly impossible.
  • I like shiny things.
  • Microsoft does some things very well and some things horribly, they almost seem to have to middle ground for some reason. The Xbox 360 is (in my opinion) the best console out there right now (best software library, netflix, etc.) Similarly, the Zune HD OS looks awesome. Windows 7 looks to be a step in the right direction. Why are they doing to horribly here, with Vista, and with the current Zune line? Who is the QC guy in those departments? They are never going to be a leader copying Apple's ideas which seems to be the case here because they have a similar service to many of the iPhone services (not that any of those ideas necessarily are Apple's originally).
  • @Rene: A touch screen is a touch screen. Who cares? WinMo devices have had them for years. I frankly couldn't care less if a touch screen is "capacitive" or "resistive" and I guarantee you, neither could most average users. Then why do other AT&T phones not drop calls like the IPhone does? BB and other WinMo phones don't have these kind of issues on the AT&T network. If they did, they would be legend like they are with IPhone users. I've used cell phones for 15 yrs, on AT&T and Verizon, and I have never seen worse reception and phone user experience than on the IPhone. Real businesses that make money and need scalable solutions, which is why the vast majority of business users DON'T use the IPhone. You really can't dispute that regardless of whatever anecdotal experience you might have had at one "meeting." The IPhone is completely incapable of ANY kind of multi-tasking expect to play tunes. How can you write for a "technology" blog if you don't realize that. Sorry, that statement is just jaw dropping. Wow. Really? Finally? After only 3 years of dev when other phones have been able to do that for a decade? Impressive. Not. Sorry, I missed that attitude in your posts. But here are the facts, WinMo has the most devices, carried by the most carriers, and is THE most mature smartphone device on the market. MS also dominates the computer market, and a good portion of the gaming market. Their software is the most used software on the planet. AND they don't micromanage their users and tell them what software they can and cannot put on devices their users paid for. You do your blog a disservice with the kind of thing you posted today and have posted in the past about other platforms. And it pulls your credibility into the toilet.
  • I think your two bars of Edge is precisely why your iPhone doesn’t drop calls. Its the oversaturated 3G network that seems to have problems. Most of the things that I do on my iPhone I can do 10 times better and faster on it than any win mo device. So please enlighten me.
  • Eleven hours spent arguing with total strangers on a blog, yet needs a business phone while seemingly having no job. :lol:
  • @Fastlane: I work long hours, and thanks to MS I have long ago learned how to multitask well! And I own the business, so I get to do what I want (as well as decide what phones the company uses!). Cool, eh?
    But hey, this is the internet, so naturally in the course of some online discussion there has to come a point where someone that doesn't agree with a poster (but can't refute the argument) is reduced to complaining that the ooster spent too much time on the discussion. LOL!
  • Detailed presentation from Microsoft on Windows Mobile 6.5
  • @RJD
    don't take yourself too seriously. And it seems to me you just lack the ability to understand in some field of work people are actually happy with their iPhone. No, you refuse to acknowledge that. Instead again and again you repeat talk points issued by radmond: It has to do 1-2-3 to be a "true business phone". Well maybe you are the king of your own empire and your employees can't have iPhone couse you said so. But guess what? I run the IT department of a large firm and We started to offer iPhone as an option to our men & women since this spring. So far more than 50% chose the iPhone and never looked back. There are issues as expected, but over all it's been overwhelmingly positive.
    And I don't care about the tech behind the touch screen either. But I do get annoyed the he'll out of me by the little plastic stub called stylus.
    FYI iPhone out sold all WinMo device combine in Q209, apparently all the diversities didn't help much.
    Keep up the good work. Our cult of Apple are known to be snobbish and no we are not sorry to hurt feelings.
  • Someone crack a window in here cause all this negativity stinks. iPhone, Ne me quitte pas. Ever! Both sides have good arguments. I agree with one more then the other. Apple will catch up in time, but I can see why thier in no hurry to lose the building blocks of their company. (acesability, general ease of use, and artistic flair) They don't just throw things in cause it would be easy to do so. They belive in hard work, and doing things right before releasing them. Yeah, sometimes I wish they would hurry it along, but I can appertiate that oldschool work ethic that most of the world has given up on. In case anyone is wondering what kind of business I'm in that gives me the right to chime in. I'm a ghost wrangler, and no the iPhone doesn't help me with that. WinMo works better cause ghosts are resistent to change, and drawn to relics. Oh snap! Seriously though iPhones freak them right the fuck out!
  • This has been an amusing read. The most amusing part is that so many posters assume that RJD must not be an IPhone user because he dares to criticize the capabilities of the IPhone in a corporate business environment. Everyone acknowledges the IPhone is a great consumer devise with growing business capabilities. The fact is both WinMo and IPhones and for that matter, Android have serious drawbacks that can be deal breakers for certain users. All RJD is trying to point out to the blind IPhone Fan-Boys & Girls is that attempting to make the IPhone appear better by bashing other OSes is self defeating and makes you look uninformed. A more balanced, rational discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of competing operating systems will be more persuasive than unthinking fanboyism. In my family alone we have an IPhone, WinMo phone and Android phone. I am curious what OS people think I am using. Truthfully, I could be happy using a good piece of hardware on any of the three OSes. I prefer touch screens so that rules out BB (I don't count the Storm because that was embarrassingly half baked) and I haven't had a chance to play with a Pre so I haven't passed judgment on it yet. If people can't figure out what OS I use perhaps my comments will be perceived as being unbiased by preference for a particular OS. BTW, I personally prefer one of the three OSes for my specific reasons but I challenge the posters to figure out which one.
  • @DJC
    let's for some unspeakable reason I am interested in figuring out your personal preference, well how? It's not like you give a clue or sth.
    And of course I'm not at all interested.
    WinMo 6.5 does not solve any major problem MSFT is currently have with mobile market. Like René said in the main article, it's just a skin!!! For that it deserve all the bashes. From business' perspective, in some way WinMo is more suitable and more versatile, but 6.5 certainly doesn't improve this part either.
    So no need to praise, plenty to boo... am I making myself clear?
  • Before I post my rebuttal I would like to point out to everyone on this forum including RJD that I have been a windows user since back in the windows 98 days.
    quoted by RJD:
    But you’re right, it is much like the argument about MAC vs. PC. Except that there is no real argument about that. The vast majority of businesses do NOT use MACs. The PC people won that argument a long time ago. And for similar reasons.
    Fact Windows Millennium was one of the WORST operating OS that Microsoft ever put out. Their only saving grace after Millennium was they put out XP which I may add was not very creative in how they set up their GUI interface system because the fact is Mac had already done what XP did with their own GUI system on a earlier Mac OS.
    FACT Windows Vista is another monstrocity of ill planned programming and yet another example of a clunky buggy bogged down OS that needlessly uses way to much system resources and offers way to much USELESS add ons that do absolutely nothing but annoy me. When I bought my laptop I was offered a free upgrade from XP to Vista. I ran Vista for 5 months and ended up reinstalling Xp and throwing the Vista disk in the trash because it was just that. GARBAGE.
    FACT although XP is a good OS (finally a good OS that ranks up there with 98 about friggin time) in the beginning it still had its own set of problems with hardware and update after update needed for drivers not to mention enough security patches to crush an elephants back. The simple fact was XP was released way to early and because of this it caused users nothing but grief and frustration.
    FACT The only reason PC's still dominate the market is because Microsoft has billions of dollars which the have used to buy out their completion. Don't deny it its true.
    FACT The Mac Os system is an excellent OS for designers artists architects etc because its so intuitive and offers great tools for creating. You don't believe me go ask an artist or a architect who has used both systems and you'll see enough of them switched over to Macs.
    FACT The PC does still dominate the lions share of the market. That will change though. Microsoft will fall because of their own ill advised OS that they continually release and their back water thinking when it comes to product development. Now coming over the horizon we have Windows 7 which Microsoft touts as the end all be all OS to ever be released. I've heard that before and don't feel like giving Gates anymore of my money for crappy programming. I'm currently saving my money and I'm buying a Mac.
  • @RJD
    I live in Albania and i have never had a droped call or poor voice quality. Why cell companies in USA are so problematic in service qualitu?!
  • I too have had most smart phone OS's and hated my time with Windows Mobile up until it died. I don't understand with the financial backing that microsoft has, why they continue to release substandard software. With I little more time and money they could have converted the Zune HD OS into the new mobile OS pleasing everyone.
  • @RJD
    Not going to get into arguing, but the line items you gave were very vague.
    I email suppliers/customers documents all the time.
    Paste into dialer? If the number is in an email/text/document/etc. Just touch it and it dials, not sure why you add unecessary steps (unless you are used to using a PC).
    Our business uses iPhones and Macs. Why? We value our time and productiveness.
    Notes and tasks etc all sync fine for us, iPhone Macs and Web all up to date.
    Maybe your business should look into upgrading your systems for time managment sake, maybe then you can relax and enjoy one of those games from time to time. Doodlejump is a great way to replace windows redundancy :)
  • Oh yeah. Maybe you SHOULD blame AT&T on your call quality and drops.
    Most people are VERY surprised when they find out I'm on a Cell phone while talking to them (and looking up information for them at the same time).
  • @RJD:
    I work long hours, and thanks to MS I have long ago learned how to multitask well!
    Bullsh!t :)
  • Whats an iphone??
    1) A video ipod
    2) A game console
    3) A digital video camera
    4) A wifi-enabled device
    5) A GPS receiver
    6) An external hard-disk (or a pen drive)
    7) Without 4geting it's also a mobile phone with SMS, Calls,.. (whereby calls have never drops for me)
    8) Lots of more with 3rd party applications.
    Those who still think that iphone is still a toy, then u still dont know the really meaning of an iphone or
    maybe the really meaning of a 'toy'...
  • @fastlane
    you got that right.
    As for dropped calls that's the service. In England, with o2, nobody I know gets these dropped calls. Wether or not you choose to use your iPhone for bussiness use or not is an individual choice. If you don't like it, stop whining on about it and get something you do like. This is the iPhone blog, for sake. Get your win6.5 and get off here.
  • Jeez...the iPhone is great for some things. It lacks some features that some business users cannot live without. WinMo (even the venerable 5.x series) is better at some of those things.
    Pick a phone that hits your (business|personal) sweet spot and let others do the same.
    Everybody join hands and sing: "Kumbaya, my phone, kumbaya..."
  • WinMo has many issues.
    Mine never locks down though.
    The UI was a letdown - fixed by WinMo 6.5, HTC and 3rd party apps.
    Saying Microsoft unfairly gained top position in the computer market is terrible. Why does the iPod dominate the market? Zunes and Walkmans provide better sound quality (and isn't an MP3 player about sound?).
    I've tried an iPhone, does everything neatly.
    I don't see the point of switching though.
    What do Apple fanboys have against WinMo? You are dominating, be happy. Some people are happy with WinMo - buy a phone with decent hardware, get some 3rd party apps and it can be as flashy as you want.
  • ack!RJD was doing what I think the purpose of these kinds of things are - I use and need WinMo type functionality, I'm trying to get details on a switch to something better if it does indeed exists, something which the iphone users failed to offer any details on. I don't really want the expense and trouble of finding out the details of why it is a bad choice if someone has already done the work and instead of finding out more I had to read this schlock. The guy owns both devices, hello! let him speak, he's the only one offering any concrete information.