Contra Rogue Corp: Everything you need to know

Several unexpected things were announced at E3 2019, but the one we really didn't expect was a new entry in the Contra series. The game recently released for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. It's a run and gun that allows you to play solo or in multiplayer campaigns. Here's everything you need to know about Contra Rogue Corps.

Update: September 24, 2019: Contra Rogue Corps is now available for purchase!

You can now purchase the game for Xbox One, Playstation 4, or Nintendo Switch. The game released on September 24, 2019.


So far, the game has not been doing well when it comes to reviews. Both professional critics and average users have been giving it pretty awful scores. It's a shame considering it had a lot of potential for being a super fun buddy game.

What is Contra Rogue Corps?

It's a twin-stick shooter that comes from a series known for it's hilariously zany nature. The latest game in Konami's series takes place in the Damned City, which emerged two years after the Alien Wars. Hordes of enemies and fiends roam the area causing chaos and destruction. You'll play as one of four characters to fight off these hordes in epic combat.

Those familiar to the series will appreciate the nostalgia this game brings with it. It features many of the same elements found in previous games but with some modern twists. Those who are experiencing these games for the first time can discover the insanity for themselves.

Playable characters

Each character has unique skills and weapons so the gaming experience is different depending on which one you play as. Additionally, the weapons and various body parts for each character can be augmented to increase your overall power.

Kaiser features a drill for an arm and fought as a soldier during the Alien Wars. You'll never see him without a cigar in his mouth. He favors an automatic weapon and a rocket launcher.

Gentleman is a large disgusting-looking bug who prefers the finer things and speaks with a British accent. Be sure to mind your manners around him.

Ms. Harakiri is a dangerous assassin who allowed a creature to merge with her stomach in order to survive the Alien Wars. She carries a laser gun and a chainsaw.

Hungry Beast is a huge cyborg Panda with a human scientist's brain. He brings brute force and a cuddly personality to the group.

As you can tell from the character choices, this game doesn't take itself seriously and revels in the absurd. Some of the previous games in the series have pulled off this craziness pretty well, while others were just odd.

Base Camp

The Base Camp is where you go between missions. Here you'll be able to change characters, upgrade weapons with mods, and power up your characters. Upgrading weapons requires money and the appropriate materials, which you can acquire during missions. To make your characters more powerful, you'll need to acquire upgraded body parts from none other than the Black Market. I mean, where else would you get them? There are different doctors who you can pay to upgrade your body and perks are different depending on which surgeon you choose.

How does the camera work?

Unlike some other games out there, the camera is not in your control. It will seamlessly transition from side-scroller to traditional third-person position on its own. From our own experience playing the game we can say that the camera gets in the way pretty frequently and disrupts your ability to hit the proper targets.

Multiplayer modes

In addition to being able to play on your own, you can connect with up to three other players online for co-op or PvP play. Complete mission objectives, mow down approaching hordes, and see how well you and your friends play together. The game subverts your expectations pretty frequently during cut scenes and special attacks to bring an air of ridiculousness to the game play.

E3 announcement trailer

Updated September 24, 2019: Updated information to relate that the game is now available for purchase.

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