Of course Samsung is releasing a gold Galaxy S4

Less than a week after the iPhone 5s went on sale in gold, Samsung is now proudly showing off its latest creation; a gold Galaxy S4. We're not here to claim Apple was first with a gold phone, because obviously that's not true, but given all the 'copying' talk in recent months and years, it's almost predictable.

But, while – perhaps surprisingly so – Apple's gold iPhone 5s looks pretty tasteful, I'm not sure the same can be said for Samsung's effort. For one, we can't actually see the back of the phone, but the shade around the edges looks less Champagne, and more, well gold. It also comes in two very odd choices of front; brown and pink. While white and gold, or even black and gold would seem like the best option, brown and pink seems, well odd.

Samsung's Arabia Twitter account has been showing off the new phone, so it's quite possible it will only sell in limited markets. It's all in good fun of course, but what do you think to this? Gold seems to be the new black, but has Samsung gone a little mad?

Source: Samsung (Twitter)

Richard Devine

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