All Gets For it's 3rd Birthday is... a BlackBerry Slider?! -- The Competition celebrates its 3rd birthday this week... and all they get is a BlackBerry Slider?!

First, we'd like to wish our sibling site, and best frenemy forever, and their fearless leader, CrackBerry Kevin a very happy 3rd birthday! They're the #1 site for BlackBerry users... and abusers! for a reason, and they're giving away a TON of free stuff to celebrate. If you have a BlackBerry in your other pocket, or know someone who rocks the pushy keyboard, get on over there and win you some stuff!

Now what do you get for the CrackBerry fanatic that has everything? How about leaks of a new BlackBerry slider that was once-upon-a-chuckle code-named "Mr. T". Far as we can tell, it's not anywhere close to what anyone would call sexy, but it does show how far RIM will go to try and get the full, touch screen but keep the physical keyboard.

It should ship with BlackBerry OS 6.0, which should include their new WebKit (as in the rendering engine behbrowser.

Anyone wish Apple was making an iPhone slider, or are we thinking mainstream adoption of some 50,000 units shows the era of physical keyboards is over?

Rene Ritchie

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