Gizmodo isn't waiting for the new year to shoot old rumors into the stratosphere, gossiping that the Google Phone (an honest-to-Jobs unique, branded phone by Google) is in a fact a fact, runs the here-to-fore unseen "real" Android (yes, everything from the G1 to the Droid has been running fakety fake fake Android), and is about to flood Google's HQ for testing:

Our best guess is an Android OS with Google Voice at its heart.

And maybe a side order of VoIP? (They say it's not Chrome OS either, but it's hard not to imagine Google ultimately going in that direction).

If to, would this make Android less competitive with the iPhone by utterly shattering the faith and market of Google's partners, or would it let Google ship the kind of killer integrated experience Apple, Palm, and RIM have been serving up? Oh, and, you want?